Picture: cards.Well… I’ve been dealt a crappy hand of cards my entire life, from the very start. I’ve been through a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse, I’ve had to say goodbye to dear relatives (the last being my nephew who was murdered the week before Christmas, in 2012), I’ve been knocked down and then kicked more times than I care to think about, and I am dealing with an eye condition (Keratoconus) which will render me blind someday. Sonnafa… sigh. In short, my life is anything but “happy” at times.

HOWEVER, the crazy thing is that I’m too stubborn to ever quit or to just sit around and whine about it. I whine sometimes, but then I get back up again and keep fighting my way down this path of trying to find happiness. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find it in this lifetime, but I welcome the adventure to find that definitive answer of “yes” or “no”. Famous last words: BRING IT ON! o_o

I’m not writing this blog to be a “self-help guru” to anyone, nor am I an expert on how to dig oneself out of the pits of despair called “life”. I’m writing this blog because I had been thinking about creating one like this for a long while, but always had the attitude of “Eh… I’ll do it some other day, I have time. More Game Of Thrones!” Now that it’s a possibility that I may not have as much time as I had previously thought, as it’s getting harder to read or write each day (and I’m told it’s going to get much worse for me later on), I don’t want to take any chances and miss my opportunity to write… as writing is EVERYTHING to me.

If any of my scribbles are a comfort or any help to you, the reader, I am glad. If not, that’s fine too. This is just my personal journey, thoughts about life in general, hopeful wishing, and small triumphs over difficult situations. I share them publicly so that my friends shall gain easy access to what’s on within my mind. However, all are welcome to take a gander, all I ask is for you to be respectful.

Thanks for visiting my umpteenth blog on WordPress. I do like creating them and they’re a good source of happiness for me, even though I tend to shy away from my blogs after a while and pretty much abandon them for a new blog. :-)

Picture: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.


<– By the way, recent posts are located on the left side menu. This is just my intro page. ^_^


6 thoughts on “About”

    1. I’m not sure of the reasons why you’re thanking me… but whatever I did, I hoped it was of any help! You’re very welcomed. Thanks for visiting/liking my blog! ^_^v

    1. Woah… MY writings did all that? I’m both speechless and honored! Thank you, sir, you’ve made my week. You’re too kind! Thanks for liking, commenting, and following this blog.
      I hope that you will continue to enjoy my scribbles. :-D

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