My Daily Life!

aglaptop1I feel a little self-conscious with this blog, because I write only about “me, me, me, I, I, I!” all the time. It’s silly for me to feel this way, because that’s the purpose of this blog in the first place. I wanted a spot on WordPress that was about me and not just about promoting my writing or the inventions of others. And I seem to be very forthcoming with things about my life here, so it’s liberating, yet a little nerve wrecking. ;^_^>

Anyhoo, before I lose steam, here’s a little more about my daily life as a hermit. Many people have asked me before, “What do you do with all of your time at home?” It’s a valid question and I don’t mind answering, as I’m so happy that they didn’t assume that I sit around in my underwear all day, eating popcorn, and watching TV. Or that I sit around in a tin-foil hat, while polishing my guns, and waiting for the zombie apocalypse to begin. That would be inaccurate, as I don’t own any firearms. :-P

My day begins with a quick trip to the bathroom and then stumbling to the downstairs garage for a smoke (as I live with roommates who don’t smoke and I want to be respectful of that). I then gather my breakfast and turn on my laptop. I try learning a new Japanese word a day, however I forget it before the day is over, along with two other Japanese words I’ve learn previously. Why are you so hard to retain, Japanese! Ugh! u_u

I spend an hour in my email inbox, replying to friends, and then I switch tabs to my Facebook. On there, I reply to more friends, browse the feed, “like”, comment, and share for an hour. And then I leave that for the real fun. I either blog or get lost in writing novels with Open Office for half the day. I listen to music while I write, so I’m always checking out new music simultaneously.

girlwithblackgoggleswithtesttubeI stop in between writing to have my meals, to bathe, to watch TV with roommates, to play a video game, or to study more science. I follow the lectures of my favorite scientists: Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. And I read up on the works of Albert Einstein. I try learning maths, but it’s much like learning Japanese. Grr! >_>

I love to spend a little time each week, enjoying the philosophies of Alan Watts and Stephen Fry.

Of course, I’m not only into intellectual stuff, as I enjoy “lets play” videos on Youtube. My favorite gamers are JonTron and Cryaotic. And my favorite vbloggers are Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. So, whenever I get alerts of their new videos, I do check them out. ^_^

I do my laundry once a week and other chores. I make sure to call my mother at least once a week to chat with her for a while. I don’t always keep up with the media or news stories, but I do try to keep informed about what’s going on in the world. And then I sleep peacefully, starting it all over again the next day.

I’ve been living this way for over a decade, before moving to Minnesota last year. The only thing that has changed is the scenery and people I live with. I can’t honestly say that I don’t enjoy this life. People I’ve seen in person (mostly medical doctors) often nudge me, “Wait… you only have friends online? Don’t you want REAL friends, people you can hang out with, to touch and see?” First of all, I take offense to the term “real”, as if my true friends aren’t. I wasn’t always a hermit and all of the “friends” I had in person, those I could touch, hear, and smell, were not “real” friends at all.

mazui_ookami-san_-_01I never had any real friends until I met my friends on the internet, in other words. To imply that my current friends are somehow “inferior” to the people I once was around is… well, ah, screw you! You know nothing, John Snow! O_o

Second of all, I don’t particularly wish to touch my friends nor is it needed. I wonder why people ask me if I’m really okay with not touching friends. Maybe I’m missing something, but do people do the Facebook “poke” in person? If so, I bet that’s really annoying! I could see myself losing my temper and growling, “If you poke me one more damn time, I’m taking away that finger!!!”

If people mean to say touch as in hugs, then maybe I can understand… Hugs are nice. But, it’s not like I’m use to getting them before, not even with the “friends” of before. So, I can’t crave or miss something that I never had. Oh, well. I’m comfortable within my hermit lifestyle. ^_^

I wouldn’t mind seeing my friends in person someday. I would have to become a successful writer for it to happen though, as all of my friends live all over the US and many live in other countries altogether. I would want to be able to pay for their round trip to a meeting place and back to their respective homes. I would rent a nice cabin or house in the woods for us to meet in.

I would like the cabin to be secluded from noisy civilization, surrounded by lovely trees and a few crazy squirrels, wild rabbits, and beautiful birds. No wolves or bears, please! And the cabin would have a lot of good food, drink, music, movies, and video games. We can just lounge around and chat about life. And even if someone takes out a guitar and starts up a sing-along (you know who you are, you hippies!), I will put up with it… but I’m NOT singing! :-P

fruits-basket-kyo-tohru-yuki-imgThen we could hike a bit in the beautiful woods… as long as there are no wolves or bears. Seriously, I have to speak with the real estate agent in my daydream and make sure he knows NOT to give me a cabin in dangerous territory! Honestly, Keanu Reeves, give me a good deal on a cabin! Otherwise, I’m choosing the other real estate agent, George Takei! *grumble-grumble* >_>

Anyway… I’m sure that my friends and I would have a great time. It will be a lot of fun and I would send them home with nice gift baskets. I would like to experience that once, but if not, I’m pretty cool with typing with them back and forth online.

And thus is my life. It’s not exciting or glamorous, but I like it. ^_^

Thanks for reading!



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