U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name

anime_musicgirlI am a HUGE loyal fan of U2, ever since I first came across their music at age 15. I love this song and this particular video as well. I remember singing this song to my cat as a teen, as he was my only friend and I wished for us to go “where the streets have no name”. I didn’t view the song as a metaphor for death or heaven, but some wonderful oasis hidden on earth. Now it seems a little weird that I sang that song to my cat. ;^_^>

Rest in peace, Mr. Meeks, you are long missed. And thank you for putting up with my bad singing voice. ^_^v

Please let me know if the video doesn’t work. I shall try and replace it. Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^



4 thoughts on “U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name”

      1. Maybe… Although, he always responded when I called his name, so maybe not. And yes, I sound just like Britney! OMG… that’s scary. O_O

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