Crazy For Yellow Hair!

b93427717I don’t know why or how my obsession for blondes begin. I want to say it began with David Bowie, as the Goblin King in the movie “The Labyrinth”, but it may have started way before. Don’t get me wrong, I find dark haired and redheads attractive too! My long time crush is Keanu Reeves, after all… ahem. ;^_^>

However, yellow locks tend to make me go crazy and then pass out. I even decided to dye my own hair blonde, two spring seasons ago, although a strawberry blonde color (I’m a poseur!) . I love being a blonde, however someday I may go back to my original red coloring.

Just for fun, I want to list all of my favorite blonde characters in anime and video games. (Yes… I’m running out of things to write about. Meh! Going to take a break soon…). Most are from the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist”. If I don’t mention a character, it’s either I forgot them or I’m not really a fan. Sorry, blondies. =p


Alphonse_and_EdwardAlphonse And Edward Elric
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Two brothers are on a journey to repair the mistakes of their alchemy sin. Although Alphonse is a transmuted soul placed within a body of armor for most of the anime (as he lost his  real body), he was born with the beautiful golden locks, just like his brother. Both brothers get their golden hair from their estranged father, Van Hohenheim.

havocJean Havoc
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

The chain-smoking military man, who seems to have the worse luck in his love life! He’s a great ally to everyone, including the Elric brothers. Ah… cute. I’ll be your girlfriend, Jean!!!  *o*/

riza_hawkeye_by_dante66613-d2yszjeRiza Hawkeye
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

She’s a tough woman with a soft and caring soul. She’s keeps her love for Colonel Roy Mustang to herself, vowing to follow him to the ends of the earth and to protect him from any harm. She’s very loyal and dedicated to helping him achieve his dreams of becoming leader of the military.

Ice-Queen-olivier-mira-armstrong-18102837-332-355Olivier Mira Armstrong
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)

Dubbed as “The Ice Queen”. I didn’t like her at first, as she’s a lot cold as her nickname, and most cruel sometimes. However, she always seem to do the right thing in the end. And I can’t deny that her interactions with Roy Mustang is very hilarious! ^_^

winryWinry Rockbell
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Childhood friend and auto-mail mechanic to the Elric brothers. She’s a bit rough with them sometimes, but she loves them both and have become the boys’ true family, after the loss of their mother.

Solomon_GoldsmithSolomon Goldsmith
Anime: Blood+

He’s a Chevalier, trapped between twin Chiropteran queens. He is to serve one sister, but has fallen madly in love with the other. I feel pity for him, as he would have chosen the right side of the warring sisters, however he is bonded by blood and without much choice in serving the evil sister. He’s a highly gorgeous character!

vashVash: The Stampede
Anime: Trigun

He’s a foolish womanizer, with a sixty billion double dollar bounty on his head for the destruction of an entire city. However, his goofiness and mischief is just a cover-up of the true tragedies he’s suffered and the crimes of his twin brother who is hell-bent in destroying all humans on the planet. Vash travels around to save people and to stop his brother’s wrath.

misAMisa Amane
Anime: Death Note

She’s  too clueless to realize that the guy she’s in love with is a psychopath, who doesn’t really love her, and he’s just using her as a pawn in his criminal games. Oof! However, I can’t ignore her charms and innocence (and yes… her sexy outfits too…). She’s very loyal to Light (Kira), right until the very end. Poor girl. u_u

HatsuharuHatsuharu Sohma
Anime/Manga: Fruits Basket

The two-toned haired Sohma, cursed under the zodiac of The Cow. His hair is black and white (technically platinum blonde, I insist!), with a personally to match. Hatsuharu have a very caring, wise, and thoughtful side to him. And a very loud, egotistical, violent, and perverted side. The others have dubbed his dark mood swing as “Black Haru”, whenever it appears. In spite of his faults, this guy is still yummy!  ^o^/

01-sohma-momiji-jpgMomiji Sohma
Anime/Manga: Fruits Basket

He’s a very annoying kid, with  sickly sweet made-up songs to drive everyone around him crazy. However, he brings a slapstick kind of humor to the story. And his own personal story of  rejection by his own mother, because of his Rabbit zodiac curse, will have you in tears!

cloudCloud Strife
Video Game: Final Fantasy VII
Animated Movie: Final Fantasy Advent Children

In the game, he’s a silent protagonist, a mercenary with a troubling past. When the world is threaten by the wrath of a powerful enemy name Sephiroth (a platinum blonde), Cloud and his friends fight to defeat him and save the world from destruction.

Video Game: Final Fantasy X

Tidus is champion of a underwater game called “Blitzball” in his homeland of Zanarkand. While in the middle of his tournament, his homeland is attacked by a huge monster named Sin and he is then whisked away to another land, where he is told that Zanarkand was destroyed hundreds of years ago. It’s a journey for Tidus to find out the truth of himself and his homeland, as he teams up with new friends. He’s a lot goofy and slow sometimes, but he has a good caring heart and fights for Yuna, a young female summoner that he has fallen in love with.

Zidane-Final-Fantasy-IXZidane Tribal
Video Game: Final Fantasy IX

Zidane was an abandoned orphan, most noticed for his weird tail. He was taken in by a band of thieves. Throughout the game, he learns of his origins and for what dark purpose he was really created for. With the help of his friends, he comes to terms with his past and help save the world from the wrath of another psychotic boss. Classic theme in all Final Fantasy games! ;^_^>

Well, this is the end of my list for now. I’m sure there are others I’ve missed or forgotten, but I had fun writing this list. Ah… memories!

Thanks for reading!



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