Meh… Laziness!

aglazyI’ve binged for about four weeks now on this blog, Monday – Friday, one time on a Sunday. This is the point in which laziness tends to creep in and I think to myself, “Ah… I’ve blabbed enough for now. I’ll disappear for several weeks!”. Although, I don’t want to disappear this time. I quite fancy this blog more than any others I’ve done on WordPress.

Maybe it’s because I have more of ME within this blog and feel like I’m having conversations, other than re-blogging cool stuff I came across on the interwebs. Or maybe I’m lonely or vain? Or maybe it’s because I’m in a place within my life right now where I don’t feel so overly burden by my past issues, unlike how I’ve felt while writing my other blogs. I don’t know. o_O

It may be premature to make this prediction, but I doubt I’ll fade away from this blog for good this time. My most committed blog was “The Rainpuddle”, I did that one for years and non-stop daily! I even had a Facebook page for it at one time and it was pretty popular in its heyday. The funny thing is that the blog was just a bunch of political and social blah-de-blah, more so than anything else. Now, I rarely suffer politics for more than a second!

I never seemed to bounce back with another blog as popular, after that one, which is fine and I have no regrets. However, I kind of want to hang onto this quest blog for as long as possible. It’s my gritty journal about my fumblings through this wacky thing called life.  It’s fun, freeing, and incredibly terrifying as I always feel naked in my writing of this blog. Naked! Ah! Stop staring at me!!! O_O

However, my usual laziness has swooped in and I’m not so inspired right now to write new topics. In other words, I’ve run out of things to share at this moment, in favor of finishing yet another novel and playing more The Sims 3. So… don’t be alarmed if my following posts are Youtube music videos. I’ll write more wordy articles as they come to me, I promise!

Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_Rei_Ayanami_Asuka_Langley_Soryu_Shikinami_Shinji_Ikari_under_tree_sleeping_readingAlso, don’t be alarmed if comments aren’t posted right away. This blog is moderated for one reason: To keep the trolls at bay. I have to manually “approve” all comments, which I may not do instantly, if I’m busy writing my novel, sleeping, or instructing my sims to run away from zombies. The last part is NOT a joke, people. There are sim-zombies in the expansion pack “Supernatural”. O_O

Don’t worry, even if you have a disagreeable opinion, I will not shy away from “approve”-ing it. Just know that I tend to respond to every comment (it’s called having manners!) and I may annoy you with my opposing response. I only block/delete troll comments, which obvious troll is obvious. :-P

Please be patient with me. I always need to deflate and retreat into laziness every now and then. It’s just my “creative process”. AND I always seem to gain great inspiration from my lazy moments, only to return with a lot more to express. *running off to build another venue for my sims* I swear, it’s all for creativity sake! Heh! ;^_^>

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back!



2 thoughts on “Meh… Laziness!”

  1. Zombies in sims? thats awesome.
    I just saw a clip on [my guilty pleasure] TMZ. There were a bunch of Zombies on their way to comic con. A car full a deaf people thought they were attacking so they ran em over. yikes!

    1. Yep! It makes my game a lot interesting and a little bit scary. LOL!
      Yikes… I think our culture is a lot into zombies right now, with so many movies and TV shows about it. It’s great fun and all, but some people seem to lose the fact that it’s fiction. It has happened before, when people would freak out and dig up graves to stake corpses, because Vampires was popular in books and the old black-and-white movies. People lost the fact that it was fiction and feared that their loved ones were going to come back as vampires. Cue Nicolas Cage scene here. =p
      I feel so sorry for the people who were ran over by cars! That ain’t right! O_O

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