Say It, Don’t Preach It!

cartoonallstarsThis is a topic I’ve been thinking about lately, after watching one of Nostalgia Critic’s old hilarious videos named: Cartoon Drug Special.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of Nostalgia Critic is sorely those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog’s author (me)…However, I found the video a lot hilarious… so I’m sharing it, but you know… typically, I don’t always agree with the Nostalgia Critic’s views or various behaviors. He’s funny, though… I’m just saying. *shifty eyes* >_>

In April of 1990, the ABC Network launched a half-hour cartoon special named “Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue”, in a campaign to warn children against the dangers of drug abuse. It starred all of my favorite cartoon characters in that era; DuckTales, Looney Tunes, Garfield,  ALF,  Smurfs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so on. Of course, being children, we had no idea that this would be a preachy lesson (aka: school stuff) sort of thing. Trickery! u_u

I knew that on Saturday morning there was going to be a cool cartoon aired and I had to set my alarm clock. I was age ten at the time and I did wake up that morning like a kid on Christmas morning! I had awaken my sister too and we camped out in front of the TV, both really excited to watch this all-star show!

What followed was an overly preachy and BORING cartoon that hammered way too much the message of: “drugs are bad.” At the time, I was growing up with a very abusive drug addicted father and was surrounded by many other drug addicts, so I already knew this truth since the tender age of six. I was resolved that I’d never try drugs or smoke pot, as I had real life examples of what it meant to be an addict.

For the most part, I never became an addict, unless you count a coffee and nicotine addiction. Okay… the nicotine addiction isn’t so hot, but maybe if I had more boring cartoon specials about the evils of cigarettes… I digress. I guess for children who didn’t grow up in an environment like mine, maybe this sort of anti-drug special was beneficial to them, but somehow I doubt it.

Why? Well, because this entire special was way over the top and too preachy! And in my experience, no matter if you’re a  child or an adult, pressing a view strongly on someone usually causes what I like to call the “Don’t push this red button!” effect.

agexplodeLet’s say that you are placed in front of  a red button and this other annoying person shows up to warn, “Don’t press that button! It will cause the destruction of the entire world!” For those of us who aren’t homicidal maniacs or short-sighted trolls, the first explanation is enough for us to stay our hand and to never press that button.

However, what if this same annoying person reminded you every day with: “Don’t press that button. If you do, you will destroy the world and that would be a lot shameful.”, “Remember, don’t press that button!”, “Seriously, if you value life and if you’re a decent human being, you wouldn’t press that button!”, “You do know that if you pressed that button, you will be known as the spawn of Satan, the one true evil to end all life on the planet… right?”, “Hey,  you’re not thinking about pressing that button are you? You’re a horrible monster, if you are thinking it!”, “Hey, bro… that button? Don’t press it, mkay?”

At this point, any sane person would WANT to press the button, in spite if it will or will not end all life on the planet! Why? Because the annoying person has made it impossible not to think about pressing the red button! It causes a curiosity on whether or not if the result of pressing said button will trigger an apocalypse or maybe it’s a superstition of an anti-button extremist!

Or so,  this is what happens in my mind, whenever anyone tries to push a new idea towards me too hard and too often. I can’t help but to respond with Cartman’s quote (South Park), “What-eva! I’ll do what I want!”. The sad thing is, it could be very true and pressing the button would end the world, yet the message is lost because of the excessive preaching!

Let us all hope that officials aren’t stopping by the Oval Office every day and saying to any given President, “Good morning, sir! Don’t press that red button today!” Otherwise, we’re all doomed to be wiped out by Nuclear missiles, at any second! O_O

In the same way, I am now wondering if I am a little bit too preachy  with my “lessons”, apart from this blog. I seem to be a lot preachy in the company of my friends and family. Hmm…

For my blog, I’m pretty straight forward in warning readers that my “lessons” aren’t really written for YOU, they’re really written as reminders to myself. And when I over preach to myself,it’s cool, as my ego allows it and I don’t press the red button to my life. However, I don’t recommend that people read/use my blog as a road map to their own personal lives!

If my readers get anything out of my ramblings, that’s cool I guess, but it’s highly unintended and a huge coincidence. You can read about my clumsy path in life for sheer entertainment, My life ramblings are just as tragic as an episode of Game Of Thrones. so it’s a nice substitute until the next season starts up! Yay, fun! ^_^v

Frodo-Elijah-Wood-lord-of-the-rings-27496033-1920-800However, with my friends in private, I do go all out with my grave Frodo-like warnings, “Get off the road!”. After revisiting this childhood blunder of a cartoon special, which may have caused more children to try drugs than to prevent it, I have to wonder if I’ve been going at it in the wrong way!

Maybe I’ve been pushing my friends further into staying on that road and becoming food for the Nazgul, with all of my preachy-ness against doing just that. If it were me standing in the road and my friends preached, “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!” too many times, I think I would stay in the road, out of my own hubris of “I’ll do what I want!” and my curiosity of, “Could it be that there are no Ringwraiths, but they’ve been chased so many times that they fear there is a dark rider on every road?

“Could it be that they’ve stood in the road incorrectly before and I’ve mastered a way to stand smack dab in the middle of the road without ever getting-” CRUNCH! “Whoops… no. They were right and now I’m dead. The little boy in The Matrix lied to me! ‘There is no spoon’, my dead backside!” >_>

Maybe, the best way to warn my friends is with a gentle nudge and then backing off. No one likes a “know-it-all”, in spite if that person has been there and done it before. And it’s true that every journey in life is different…  ;^_^>

So, in conclusion, I’ve learned this month, that maybe it’s not the best idea to shriek, “Nazgul! Nazgul! Nazgul! Get off the f*&king road, there’s Nazgul heading your way! Fly, you fools!” over and over towards my friends. Rarely do they ever listen to it and it could be that I’m just too preachy about it.

Oath_of_the_SOS_Brigade_by_SagittaMagicaFrom now on, I shall just yell, “Get off the road!!!” and leave it at that. If I can’t stand to watch the Nazgul tearing apart my friends, then I shall close my eyes, cover my ears from their blood curdling screams, and hope that they’ll learn to use their own common sense to get off the road next time. I shouldn’t coddle my friends! How else are they’re going to learn to avoid the Nazgul, if I try rescuing them every time and don’t let them think for themselves?

I shall try my best to become less preachy in general, because the last thing I want to do is to tempt the people I care about into doing the exact opposite of what I’m trying to warn them against. And for myself, I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open to great advice whenever I get it. If someone is too preachy about it, I shall ignore them. *snicker*

HOWEVER, I will do my own research and not discount the pushy words outright like I usually do when I encounter loud mouthed extremists… erm, I mean “passionate preachers”. ^w^
They may be correct in something or maybe not, but the response of “I’ll do what I want!” isn’t always the smartest move to make either.

Well, my blog will remain preachy as hell, because it’s my Precious and all for ME! Gollum! Gollum! ^_^

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Say It, Don’t Preach It!”

    1. LOL! Yeah… I don’t blame you. And that’s all the more reason why I shouldn’t be that guy! I don’t want to be punched. T_T

      1. No one says it… which is what I mean, I don’t want to get punched! Hey, I know that being a girl doesn’t exclude me from violence! LOL! =p

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