Mysteries Of Life!

angmoonlightThe world and the cosmos is so full of mysteries, not yet fully understood or answered. Anyone who claims that they’ve seen/learned/experienced it all within life is grossly mistaken. The world and the universe is too big for a mortal to have learned and experience everything that life has to offer. There’s always MORE to ponder and discover! ^_^

I will spare my ramblings about the very complicated mysteries of the cosmos, but I wanted to share two of my favorite “earthbound” mysteries, the things that drive me crazy while trying to figure them out. They may be a bit “silly”, but interesting all the same, and these mysteries only seem to lead me to MORE unanswered questions.

BlueEyedKOSMOS1.) Song Of Nephilim – I’m sure that everyone have heard the religious teachings of giants called “the Nephilim”. If not, it’s okay because it’s not relevant to this mystery, it just makes the choice of name more eerie. If you’re curious you can check out the Wikipedia: here. Anyway, there is a creepy music track, which was featured in a video game called “Xenosaga III” and the creators of the game titled it: Song Of Nephilim. Click the link and have a listen! ^o^/

The thing is, this short sample of haunting notes sung by a female (?) voice have been used in various other video games, TV shows, and movies well before this game.  Sometimes it’s a bit modified or come in a different background music arrangement, but it’s always recognizable to anyone who hears it.

And it continues to appear in current movies, video games, and documentaries. No one seems to know where this song originated, nor the original name for it. This mystery reminds me of the “Wilhelm Scream“, except a lot more curious and spooky!

I’ve heard the theme in a few documentaries, a “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” video game, and a few movies like “End Of Days”. It seems to be a stock piece of music, however no one knows who produced it. It’s like the song created itself and appeared across our media on its own. Scary!  O_O

nazca11(1)2.) The Nazca Lines – They are a large collection of geoglyphs, located in Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The designs are of massive pictures of birds, animals, insects, lines, symbols, and of a man or “space man”. You can only see the lines from the air and it was first discovered in 1927.

Scientists and Archaeologists believe that the lines were created by an ancient civilization that once lived in that part of Peru, for purpose of religious ceremony and worship towards their sky gods. Conspiracy Theorists claim that the lines were created by aliens, trying to give a message to the world. They claim that one design is of a dashboard of a space shuttle and the space man or “the astronaut” is a depiction of a space traveler. The theorists believe that the lines are messages to show humans how to build the technology to travel space.

Now… I may be a bit weird, but I tend to lean heavily on the side of the scientists. Although, I give the Conspiracy Theorists points for creativity and great storytelling! ^_^v

No matter what one believes of the lines, we can all agree that there is a story being told within them. What that story is, it remains a mystery and we can only guess. And I do enjoy some of the creative things born from the mystery of these lines, like this video: here.

Tohru_Honda_and_the_white_catAnyway, I’ve learned that there are so many mysteries in the world and many answers to be discovered. There’s many experiences I’ve yet to have, more things to be learned, and more adventures to have in my lifetime. I doubt I’ll ever “experience it all” by the time I reach my 80’s… or 90’s… or live to become 110. There’s just not enough time in a human lifespan to see, learn, or experience it all.

So, I’m going to make the most of it and to decide what to do with the time that is given to me. I’m going to get to the bottom of that song, for starters! SOMEONE must know who composed it! How could someone not remember hiring a vocalist to record such a creepy song??? I still remember the weird lyrics I made up to the theme song of “Tales Of The Crypt” when I was a kid, and it wasn’t nearly as brilliant as this creepy song! \>_</

Stay curious, my friends. And thanks for reading. ^_^



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