Thievery In Writing!

teamrocket_cheerI’ve finished the first book of my possible three book young adult series! Hooray! This usually means that I take a break and edit the manuscript at my leisure, before starting up the next novel. However, I have my awesome blog, and so my “break” will consist of writing posts for it. Lucky you. =p

Anyway, today I want to share about how I am a thief in writing. No, no, no… I’m not speaking about flat-out plagiarism, which I highly believe that such an act is reserved for people who have ZERO talent or creativity. I’m above all that. No, what I am confessing to is that I tend to steal the personas of the people I run across in life and that’s how a lot of my characters are born.  ;^_^>

The villains in my stories are satirized versions of my past abusers or just really annoying people I bumped into along my life’s path. My current book does feature a very annoying character, based on someone I had met and no longer speak with, although his satirization is a lot hilarious and a bit charming in a way.. Still annoying, though.

A year ago I had written a very fast-paced crime thriller, that featured some jerk on Facebook who had a fake profile, his intentions was to scam people on that social network. However, he assumed that I was a good mark and that I was not smart enough to do a check on him. I did and I blasted the fact that he was indeed a fake.

The scam artist wasn’t very bright, because he claimed to be a man confined to a wheelchair, that lived in Ireland, owned a horse racing track in Dublin, where he just happened to meet Bono Vox (the lead singer of my most favorite music group, U2), and proceeded to tell me stories of their conversations together. I know I’m not the smartest in the world, but come on! I instantly did some checking and tracked him down to being a healthy resident in Germany! >_<

Saya-blood-19584334-720-480And so, I wrote a crime thriller, where this person is badly hunted and tortured by a serial killer. My relatives and friends have read this manuscript and went wild over it! So, it’s one of the manuscripts I plan to get published someday.  ^_^

Ever since I began writing at a very young age, I’ve been using the people I know or had met as characters in my stories. The people I love and appreciate often become the “heroes” of my stories or characters of great wisdom to guide my main hero through the story. A lot of times, the main protagonist is a polarization of myself. Yes… I have an ego. So what? It’s  fun!

Although, if someone pisses me off or step over a line in my life, I have no issue creating an effigy of that person’s character and killing them off in very horrible ways in any of my stories. Sometimes this kind of writing can be lot helpful in my process of moving on from a failed relationship. Music artists do this all the time, why can’t I?

In my late twenties, I had a pretty cool friend in Ireland, and we would chat a lot on webcam. However, even though he was just a few years older than me, he was a lot child-like and these “play-dates” was under the direct control of his much older wife/caretaker. Him and I had found each other on a site, drawn together by our mutual child-like humor and ways. And one of the many things we had in common was that we believed that farts are funny! They are! ^w^

So, I would spend once a week on webcam with this guy in Ireland, as he would take out a whoopie cushion and set it off. We’d laugh for hours, until his very posh and elderly wife would storm into the room and scream “STOP!!!!”

fruits basket_shigureMysteriously, the whoopie cushion was stabbed and had a hole in it, ruining our fun. So my friend discovered a “fart program” online and would press keys on his keyboard to make the sounds. We would laugh forever, as I would scream out, “Press Q again! Press Q!”. The wife put an end to that as well, by threatening to call off all play-dates. And in the end, she did call them off, because she decided I was a bad influence on him. Le sigh… u_u

That didn’t stop me from writing a hilarious haiku about it, which I’m sorry to say that I didn’t save it and forgot how it went. It ended with the line: The wife screams, “STOP!”. It was my first attempt at a haiku and when I shared it on the site for my friend and others to enjoy, my friend was tickled pink about it. He was amazed that I had written something that he was included in and he believed that I was some kind of wizard.

Of course, a critic came along and pointed out that even though I had gotten the rhythm of my haiku spot on, it was not a very good one, because I failed to add the imagery of color, feeling, and one of the human senses.

To that I replied, “When a person farts, the room does turn blue, so that’s your color. And when a toot leaves a person’s bum, they certainty feel it,  As for a sense… you can pretty much smell a fart or hear it, if it’s not a deadly one. So, my poem is perfect!” The critic was not amused by my response, but I thought it was clever. ^w^

idontalwaysanimeI don’t always add the people that I meet in my stories, but when I do, I have a lot of fun with it. I make it count, to the point that removing such characters would collapse the foundation of the entire story. In a way, I guess I make my interactions and experiences with others important, taking the good with the bad. And that’s pretty cool, I think.

To quote a very true statement within a U2 song, “Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief. All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief.”

Thanks for reading! And to all of my new followers, welcome to my madness! All aboard the Crazy Train! ^_^v



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