My Awesome List (Sept. 2014)

agmagicalbubblesHere’s something that I may try to post every month, I call it “My Awesome List”! ^_^v

It’s far easier to list all of the bad drama in one’s life. In fact, for many people, it’s habitual to list everything that’s wrong with their lives (or what they perceive is wrong) and to forget about the good things that have happened as well. I understand, I have done this before too.

However, I’ve decided that I will keep a list of all of the awesome things that I’ve experienced within a month (in drafts), no matter how little (or big) each item may seem. And I shall post my list on the last day of said month in celebration! Hooray! ^o^/

magic-princess-kitty-anime-animal-girls-25260597-431-525This month’s color scheme is blue, because it’s AmazingPhil’s favorite color. Pfft! And I happen to like this shade of blue, because it’s very calming. ^_^

1.) I’ve finished a new novel! And I had lots of fun writing it too!

2.) I’ve enjoyed a lot of new releases from Monstercat! My favorite this month is: Mirai Sekai

3.) Dan and Phil opened their new e-store and I bought myself this cool new t-shirt: here.

4.) I made my mother laugh with my shared Monty Python videos on my blog.

5.) I watched “Adventure Time” with my sister and we laughed at fart jokes! ^w^

6.) I started my Christmas shopping early and bought someone a really kawaii gift! Shh! (One down, two more people to shop for!).

7.) My sister bought me a new mobile for an early birthday present and it is good. ^_^v

8.) I finally have the perfect bag of coffee grounds to make at home and I’m comfortably caffeinated! Whee!

9.) I’ve learned something new and awesome about myself in therapy. Huh… go figure! o_O

10.) I screamed in terror and then laughed like crazy, while watching one of Cryaotic’s gaming series: Cry Plays: Claire

agmagical211.) I donated what little money I had to a charity just starting out. Later, it grew so big that major news channels are covering it! My two bucks mattered!

12.) I got an unexpected discount at the hair salon and walked away with $25 extra dollars,

13.) I gave the extra $25 bucks to that same charity again, so that it may help even more people! ^o^v

14.) My favorite band in the universe, U2, released their new album “Songs Of Innocence”. They decided to give away a free copy of their new album to all iTunes users! I got my free copy and I LOVE it.

15.) A pack of gummi bears… ’nuff said. ^_-

16.) I officially LOVE the new Doctor of “Doctor Who”, so very much!

17.) I laughed most mornings on Facebook with George Takei posts.

18.) I gained a handful of new followers… woah! Where did you people come from? o_O

19.) September was my most creative month ever! I enjoyed the rush of creative energy that hit me all at once. I didn’t have time to experience my usual “writer’s block”, because the ideas kept coming!

20.) Waves of calm and inner peace. This happened to me quite a few times and randomly. ^_^

21.) I’ve enjoyed an anime named “Psycho-Pass”, a dark, psychological and philosophical series.

22.) I’ve had little nightmares this month and found myself wanting to stay asleep, so I could continue my adventures with Sherlock or The Doctor.

23.) PIE… nom,nom, nom ! ^0^

BlueAnimeWitchThis list may not always be as long, but it’s not the size that counts. If I can list at least four good things in a month (that equals to a awesome event every week!), then it’s proof that life isn’t as dismal as I may have previously thought! ^_-v

What’s your list of awesome? I’m highly interested! If you post a list on your blog, please leave the link to it in the comment section below. I will leave a “like” and possibly a comment. We can celebrate awesomeness together! \^o^/

Thanks for reading!



Beware Of Stereotypes!

agshocked4When I was a little girl, I would hear a lot of stereotypes about different people. I believed that it was true, as I was a silly child and believed just about anything. I also believed that the puppets in “Gremlins” were real and that evil trolls would come out of the wall during nights to steal my breath (Cat’s Eye – 1985 movie). And I believed that Freddy Kruger was real… what a horrifying childhood. ;^_^>

Anyway, I grew up and learned that stereotypes are rubbish. Especially, since I don’t fit the stereotypes of my race, neither do most of my family, nor do most of my previous neighbors in Philadelphia.

I don’t tend to share what my race is in my blogging, because I’ve had the unfortunate experiences (too many times to count) of my writing and my choice of expressing myself becoming over analyzed by jerks who assumed that I should reflect the stereotypes of my race. When I do not fit their expectations, I got accused of “you’re only pretending to be someone that you’re not.”

To every one of those jerks, I promptly responded with a word that started with an F and ended with a “you”. ^_^

However, it annoyed me so much to be faced which such idiots all the time, that I became vague about my race online, in order to avoid the hassle. I do mention that I’m “non-Caucasian” , if the topic comes up or if I’m making some political argument.

Firefly-Shootem PolitelyAlthough I am very proud of my race, and would choose it again if I had the choice, I don’t feel the need to display it or to explain my right to express myself in whatever way I frickin feel like as a human being. You can read my blogs for what they are or take a long hike off a short pier… politely. ^0^

I have friends of all races, different religions or non-religious, different cultures, different sexuality, and different lifestyles. None of those small differences matter to me, I’m all about the personality of an individual, and my friends are AWESOME. Which is why I am bisexual, I believe, because it’s difficult for me to feel attraction only to certain basic bits of a person. Personality is EVERYTHING to me.

I’m very much into different cultures, religions, philosophical thought, and other constructive ways of thinking. The wisest way to learn about other people is to drop the bullsh$t list of stereotypes.

We’re all individuals and to polarize a person into the idiosyncrasy of a few people or something gleamed from a movie, is very short sighted. You will lose out on the full picture of that individual and will be no closer to understanding them.

hetalia___canadian_plz_by_chira_chiraA good example is that some people make the mistake in believing that all Canadian’s say “eh” at the end of their sentences, no thanks to a few OLD movie stereotypes.

When I first moved to Minnesota, I mentioned to a few people that Minnesotans have a kind of Canadian accent, not the exact same but very similar. I am beginning to pick up this accent by my usual habit of mimicking accents when I’m around them for a really long time.

I was making the joke that I’m a human parrot, because I often slip into the British accent as well, because I’m either communicating with my British pals or I’m enjoying my favorite shows on the BBC. Anyway, a few people responded with, “Does that mean you’re going to say ‘eh’ at the end of your sentences now?” Face-palm! ;u_u

I found myself explaining, “Canadians don’t really say ‘eh’ and neither do Minnesotans. There is a few ‘doncha know’ and ‘you betcha’, but no one says ‘eh’.” They seemed a bit disappointed, as it challenged their “knowledge” of the Canadian accent. And for the record, not everyone says ‘doncha know’ or ‘you betcha’ either, I was expressing that I am picking up the unique way that vowel sounds are pronounced in this particular accent.

Black_ButlerIt’s the same way how British people don’t all have cockney accents and run around saying “Pip-pip, cheerio!” It NEVER happens in real life! LOL! And you’re an idiot, if you believe that’s what British people say!

However, cheer up, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay an idiot. Learn from your mistakes and adjust. I’ve made mistakes in learning about different cultures and individuals too. I’ve learned and I’ve moved on. And I’m happy that people were patient with me to explain and didn’t kick my butt for those stupid mistakes.  Bonus! ^_^

The problem with stereotypes is that it will always be misinformation, when you’re trying to use it to generalize a whole group of people or individual. Sometimes there is a little truth within a stereotype, but it’s so little that most of the time you’re going to offend someone or be so ignorantly wrong about that person. You’ll rightly gain the title of “douchebag”. >_>

Here’s a little song about the stupidity of stereotypes: The Stereotypes Song. I am an American, I am a little chubby, I do love eating burgers (it’s next to my love of PIE, coffee, and gummi bears!), and I’m not particularly opposed to shotguns. However, to assume that’s the whole picture of me would be pretty lame. I’m also an obsessive writer, a fan of anime, I love video games, I’m a science nerd, a “moviephile”, and way much more.

To assume that ALL Americans are the same is idiotic. I know way too many vegetarians, skinny, and anti-firearm American citizens. I often feel alone with my cheeseburgers. TnT

This song hits a lot of different stereotypes and I have a healthy sense of humor, so I find it hilarious.  If any of it offend you, it should, and that’s the point. Stereotypes are hurtful in general, as it seeks to imprison an individual into set ideas and oppresses that person from becoming anything outside of that imprisonment.

This is why stereotypes are a huge joke and should never be taken seriously. To quote the song, “They’re stereotypes, and if you believe them, then your brain is small like a Korean’s penis.” ^w^

Thanks for reading. And be excellent to each other! ^_^v


You Bow To No One!

goddess-1There’s a scene near the end my most favorite movie trilogy “Lord Of The Rings”, where Aragorn becomes King and the hobbits (Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin) bow to him. King Aragorn gasps and say to them, “My friends… you bow to no one.” At that moment, the King and everyone in the court bow to the hobbits instead. ^_^

Sometimes, I find myself in a frenzy to over explain my intentions, my emotions, to rectify why I believe the things that I do and make the choices that I make. Then I stop myself and realize, “I don’t need to explain my motives, I know for sure what I mean, what I feel, what I wish, what I want, and who I am. And that’s good enough.”

Several times, I’ve pre-written posts here and I delete them, because I realize that I wrote them in defense of what I’ve  expressed earlier or because I worry that someone will misunderstand my intentions behind the words. Or someone will get offended, GASP, heaven forbid! After I’ve let the post sit in drafts for a few days, I later come back to it and realize that it’s NOT necessary.

People are more prone to be offended over the littlest things these days. It doesn’t take much. For example: Raspberries are stupid! I’m pretty sure that little statement offended some raspberry lovers and I may be accused of ableism. Pfft, whatever. >_>

I could bend over backwards to catch every smart remark, every possible perceived undertone, to make sure to cross my t’s and dot my i’s, to mind my p’s and q’s, and cook myself a whole alphabet soup of anxiety over expressing the “wrong” thing. I’ve had this soup plenty of times during my younger years, it’s very bitter and bland. Now that I’m getting older, I say screw it! =p

agsmilegirl10I mean no offense to anyone and if it happens, I am sorry. If my apology is not good enough for people, that’s not my problem. I’m going to be myself. I refuse to be held hostage to a worry about pleasing everyone else, to a point that my own true expression is watered down or lost in translation. I bow to no one. ^o^/

Not only is this a new thing that I do with my blogs, it’s a new practice in my daily conversations and interactions with others too. I find myself stopping in the middle of trying to explain myself to others and saying, “Never mind” or “Well, anyway…”, then moving on with some other topic. This may annoy some, but If I have to talk until I’m blue in the face to prove my intentions, my motives, or my choices, then it’s not worth talking about it.

Life is too short for that and I rather spend my time doing something FUN, not arguing over why I believe or feel something. And I rather people have a hissy fit over the fact that I will not engage in such debates, than to raise my own stress levels and ruin my day.

This is a post for my friends, who I’ve noticed worry too much about what everyone else thinks of them. My friends, you bow to no one! Trust me on that, please. ^o^/

It doesn’t matter if I or anyone else looks at you sideways for anything that you say or choose to do in your life. The point is that it’s YOUR life and no one has to live it but YOU. If you are certain that your path is the right one for you, go for it! As long as it doesn’t harm yourself of others, who cares about what anyone has to think?

The only person you have to answer to is yourself. Make all of your choices count, even the mistakes, live life to the fullest and in the way YOU want to live it. Don’t worry about “what will the neighbors think”, forget the neighbors! Forget the peers, the coworkers, and any other naysayer, including myself! We all could be WRONG!

agspacesceneOne of my favorite astrophysicists, Neil deGrasse Tyson, was told often that he shouldn’t aspire to be an astrophysicist, that he should play sports instead. He ignored that and fought his way to his dream. Today, he’s a well known Astrophysicist, former host of the show “Cosmos”, radio host of “StarTalk Radio”, Director of the Hayden Planetarium,  a science communicator, and author of several books. He’s awesome! ^_^v

Imagine if he decided to worry about what everyone else thought about a poor boy in the Bronx dreaming to become an Astrophysicist? He wouldn’t had made the many accomplishments that he has made. And if he worried about what others thought of him now,  he wouldn’t continue in his successful path.

Don’t bow to anyone. Just be yourself and you’ll do fine.  As the old quote goes: Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!

This is a lesson that I keep learning for myself, everyday.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


My Crush On AmazingPhil!

Picture: little lion amazingphilIt’s been a while since I did a blah-de-blah, so I thought I’d do a fan-girl post, about one of my most favorite Youtubers! Feel free to walk away in groans and annoyance, although this one will be a lot fun for me to write and a bit embarrassing at the same time. Hooray! ^o^/

A few years ago, I started a Youtube viewing adventure with Danisnotonfire, Dan Howell. I found him to be a wise young man, a lot mature and insightful about life for someone his age, and he’s a lot entertaining as well. Many of his fans are crazy-eyed for him, although I feel “meh” about that, maybe because of the age difference. I don’t know.

Anyway, a few weeks into viewing his videos, I noticed his older best friend and roommate, AmazingPhil (Phil Lester). My jaw dropped and I thought, “Wow… he looks just like a girl! Who is this beautiful creature?!” *0*

I’m pretty sure that’s NOT anything a guy would love to hear at all, but what can I say, I’m highly attracted to the androgynous look and Phil is very beautiful. I can’t help it! ;^_^>

Picture: antisocial phil lesterInstantly, I fell in love with Phil’s video blog: The Breakup and I’ve been stalking him… erm, I mean following him…. erm, I subscribed to his Youtube channel ever since. And his Facebook page… and his Tumblr. And I joined Twitter (a site that I can’t stand! It’s SO boring!) to follow him there too. Oh, boy… I have issues. u_u

It’s not just his kawaii J-Pop haircut, his huge and beautiful eyes, his skinny jeans, or his British accent… although those things obviously don’t hurt his appeal! However, I think my crush is 95% the fact that he’s a lot awkward, nerdy, and love many of the same things as I do. I love his references to the shows “Friends” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, and various old-school video game mentions.

I love his obsession with Lion, his wacky “Draw Phil Naked” segment, and the fact that he can use a flat-iron to his fringe like a pro. I still can’t do that with my own fringe, I get too flustered, resulting in a trip to my stylist to flatten my hair for me. The fact that a guy can do this is most impressive!

His videos are a lot of fun to watch and he’s not afraid to be a goofball in front of millions of viewers, which screams “confidence” and that’s a natural aphrodisiac to the female species in general. And he gains extra points for being confident, but not a douchebag, which is a very fine line to walk. Cheers on him for finding the middle ground! ^_^v

Picture: Phil and lionI do love the friendship between Dan and Phil, as they’re like Siamese twins that should NEVER be separated!  My favorite video of them together is: Dan And Phil Get Down. I’ve shared this video with my sister last year, she responded with a blank stare and said, “They’re English boys… and they look like J-Pop emo band guys.” I said, “Yep.” And she said, “Cool!” And I said, “I know, right?!” LOLz!

The video is part of a long running meme called “Geddan”, if you are wondering. I wrote about it in my other blog, which you can check out: here. I’m too lazy to explain it all over again. =p

Moving on, I often get crushes and it’s no big deal. The fun thing about crushes is that I can have them on whomever I wish to, even people who are so clearly out of my league. I’m pretty sure if AmazingPhil met me in person, he would RUN the other direction, and it would be highly suspicious if he didn’t. o_O

The weird thing about this particular crush is, it’s not fading away like the usual. The last time this has happened, it was my crush for… ahem… Keanu Reeves. (I still love you Mr. Reeves, call me!). After a few months has passed, I’m usually over any crush and forgetting why I had a crush on someone in the first place.

I have moments when I think that about Phil, wondering what it was that I ever saw in him. But when I view a new video of his, it comes flooding back to me, “Oh, yeah… now I remember why! He’s amazing!” Le sigh… ^_^

So, I shall continue to stalk him… I mean, follow him… I mean, enjoy my subscription to his Youtube channel. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Tumbrl. God! There’s no way for me to NOT come off as an obsessive and creepy fan, is there? Oh, well…  ;^_^>

And before I end this post, here’s a video of AmazingPhil lip-syncing to a Britney Spears song, of all things: A Static Lullaby – Toxic (cover) Too cute!!! \^o^/

Thanks for reading!


Monty Python – A Rude Joke

hiro-snickersMonty Python is best known for their offensive and childish humor, at best. This scene is from the movie “The Life Of Brian” and it is no exception from the usual. However, it’s way too hilarious for me to not mention. You have been warned! Here’s a challenge: Try to watch this clip without laughing… you will find it impossible. ^w^

I fall into tears over the name of the wife. I’ve seen this clip about a hundred times and I know it’s coming, however I never seem to be able to keep a straight face! I hurt myself in trying to hold back the laugh, which escapes in a sharp snicker. The comedy timing is just too clever! Damn you, Incontinentia… Incontinentia Buttocks! >w<