I Choose Laughter!

ag_thinkingofyouThere are two things within a person that I find highly attractive and irresistible: a great sense of humor and intelligence. The second trait is a very broad topic, because intelligence isn’t measured in just IQ tests or academic degrees. It’s measured in the areas of reasoning, planning, abstract thought, communication, self awareness, creativity, and learning – just to name a few. So I’ll skip that one for now. This post is already impossibly long. ^_^

As for humor, that’s an abstract concept as well, it’s highly subjective as to what is humorous to a particular individual. However, since this a blog about me, what I find humorous has a more narrow scope, so it’s a perfect topic for this post.

I grew up enjoying comedians and my favorites were/are: John Cleese, Eric Idle, Steve Martin, John Candy, Chris Farley, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Robin Williams, Phil Hartman, Lucille Ball, Tina Fey, Will Farrell, all of the Stooges, and Mel Blanc (I was a huge Bugs Bunny fan since age six). Eh… what’s up, doc? o_O

I like to assume that I know what is funny and what is not. It’s not often that I run across a person with a great sense of humor, so when it happens I instantly fall in like with that person and find them A LOT charming. It’s no secret that I love to laugh and I like causing other people to laugh in return. Laughter is awesome! ^o^/

I had a lot of misery in my past, I know what sadness and despair is all about, so I don’t choose those things if I can help it. I choose laughter!

ag_laughing2I find it hard to stay serious within my writing sometimes and I do add a lot of comedy in the middle of very serious plots. For example, my characters may face a situation where one of their comrades have fallen or someone they had tried to rescued have died. At that moment, the mood is very heavy, but then the next sentence is a very humorous reaction that would cause any reader to fall into a loud chortle.

I’ve done it several times in my first published book (True Shadows), as the characters deal with a lot of misery and terrible hardships, yet the mood is often broken by certain characters saying or doing something completely ridiculous. I’ve gotten comments from my readers, “I laughed out loud in public, while reading your book. I mean, I laughed so loudly that everyone thought I was crazy! I love this character!”

I’m not sure if anyone could classify my writings as true drama, because there’s too much comedy written into them. Why? Because life isn’t so tragic all the time, I believe. Even within my real life dramas, I’ve had moments when the situation was so unbelievably bad that I burst into laughter in the middle of it.

No, I was not going mad in those moments, it’s just that I became so self-aware in the middle of them and thought, “This is unbelievably stupid! It’s  stupid backwards nonsense! Bwahahahaha!” ^w^

That’s not to say that some things in life aren’t really tragic and could be a laughing matter! I can’t laugh about everything and sometimes I need to cry about it. Although, I don’t take myself too seriously and little mistakes are a lot humorous. What’s the point of having a life, if you can’t laugh at it sometimes?

Whenever I feel sad, I do love to remind myself of the scene from Monty Python’s “The Life Of Brian”: The Bright Side Of Life. There is one verse that always gets me: “Life’s a piece o’ shit, When you look at it, Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke it’s true. You’ll see it’s all a show, Keep ’em laughing as you go. Remember that the last laugh is on you!” I can’t remain sad for long after roaring in laughter over that verse! Ahh… Monty Python is genius. ^_^v

sohma_laughThe odd thing is, my therapist believed that my blog would be nothing but misery and issues, because that’s what I bring to my sessions… because it’s therapy and I want to work through my past issues, the stuff that I can’t laugh away. She was honestly surprised when I told her, “No, I don’t share the things I do with you on a public blog! My blog is mostly wise-cracking nonsense for the entertainment of others and myself.”

She responded with, “Really? That’s unexpected, I never would have guessed!” Her reaction did give me pause for a moment, because most of my friends know that I’m am a smart-arse in general, which is why they are my friends in the first place. I make them laugh. But then I do realize that what I bring to my therapist in every session are horrible tales of my past, enough to make her hug the walls in horror of what had happened to me.

I’ve never had that kind of horrified reaction from a professional to anything I’ve shared in a session, but to be fair I’ve never shared as much as I do with her. I’ve never trusted a therapist as much and therefore I hid A LOT within me. Of course she wouldn’t guess that I’m a wise-cracking nutter. o_O

I am tempted to share my blog with her, but then I speak about her too much, and I don’t want her to get the impression that I don’t like her. I really do and I respect her tremendously. She’s good at her job! And I don’t want her feel like if she makes human errors (which we all do), I will rush to blast it online.

To be honest, I don’t have the energy to point out everyone else’s flaws, when I have my own to contend with. I do it sometimes, of course, but to write a whole post or paragraph on how stupid I think someone is or my gripe with them, I consider that a waste of time. Unless I’m using the encounter to make an anecdotal point in one of my “lesson” posts.

If I do have an issue with someone, and I can work it out with them in private, I much rather kill them off or make them into a dancing jester in one of my novels. That’s much more productive, I think  ^_^

I mention my therapist from time to time, because I admire her and she’s helping me to have more free time for laughter in my life. So, she matters enough to mention. And she makes for a good example to those who wish to seek therapy, to not expect your therapist to be non-human and to never make mistakes. They’re well trained and can help you, better than any friend or lover who is not trained, but they are still human after all.

fruits basket_hanaI get frustrated when people come to me with, “My therapist said something that I didn’t like, so therefore she/he’s rubbish! I quit therapy today! Meanwhile… I’m still struggling with my issues and you seem like a smart person… may I dump my crap on you to sort out?” NOPE! >_>

As for sharing misery online, I have no judgments towards those who use these blogs to do so. Not everyone can laugh instead or to find an awesome therapist to dump their crap on. I believe that writing can be cathartic for many, when there is no one else to turn to or to trust.

However, within my own spot on WordPress, I rather not indulge in such blogs (to subscribe or follow). Nor  do I care to share too much of the giant iceberg of crap within my Arctic seas, for three reasons: 1.) It’s really none of anyone’s business what kind of horrible situations I’ve been through. It’s not like anyone can undo it or change it for me. And 2.) I much rather spend my time laughing, dancing, and singing. Therapy is a good enough dumping ground for my woes.

Lastly 3.) There are a LOT of weirdos and sociopaths lurking on the internet, just looking for a new target to try on for entertainment. Waving around personal emotional information online is like waving around your credit card number. If you get scammed, well, you know why! I’m not saying that predators on the net are in any way correct, but there’s something to be said about protecting oneself.

I only share very little about my woes, usually as an example of “I’ve done it! I climbed over this mountain!” sort of thing. Besides… how can I laugh, if I’m busy revealing horrible past things? I can’t. So, I much rather laugh instead.

Thanks for reading my LONG post! Keep laughing! ^_^v



7 thoughts on “I Choose Laughter!”

  1. I see nothing wrong with admiring your therapist! But why would she think your blog would be full of misery O o
    You don’t give this feeling at all to me

    1. HIIII!!! ^_^
      Oh, it’s like I’ve explained in this post, the things I share with her in session is full of misery and tragic things. I come to her every two weeks with a new issue of my past and it’s always something pretty bleak. But the good news is that we’re working on those issues and it’s becoming a non-issue with time. And of course you wouldn’t get that feeling from me on this blog, because I’m all about the happy and focusing on the positive. Like I’ve mentioned, I don’t share the darker stuff on my blogs, I save that for my therapist to sort out. I rather laugh and entertain people with this blog instead. ^_^

      1. I wasn’t referring to direct sharing. Sometimes i stumble across blogs that give off a sence of misery even if no specific events are being described.

      2. Ah, I see! Yeah, I get that vibe sometimes too, but mostly I come across blogs that are very literal with misery. Although, my therapist doesn’t have access to my blog, so she wouldn’t know the vibe of it. She only guessed it would be of misery, because of what I bring to our sessions. Which is a little silly, because what’s the point of attending therapy if I’m all smiles and nothing is ever wrong? XD

      3. I agree with that 100%. The way i see it, if you need to put a mask at therapy too it would be better not to bother going at all.

      4. Very true! I get the most out of my therapy because I’m very upfront and don’t hold anything back. Even if something seems “small” or way too silly to be upset about, I share that too. And most of the time, what I thought was something small turns out to be the root of a bigger issue. So, I do not wear any masks in therapy, I’m completely naked. lol.

      5. And by literal, I mean that the bloggers are not speaking about getting past their misery or just relating their past stories, they’re feeling the emotions of it in the NOW, and end their posts with the idea of trying suicide for an answer. Or over glorify death as a plausible escape from their issues. Those are blogs I tend to avoid, because they weigh down my spirit too much, I over empathize with them. I’m a recovering sufferer of depression, so being around things like that is like a recovering alcoholic hanging around keg parties. It’s just not wise for me to do that. >_>

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