Another Intermission!

37400-anime-thinkingMy blogging moods seem to fluctuate sometimes, which means that I will write and post something once a day, but other times this blog will be silent. It matches whatever writing mood I find myself in during any particular day . Once again, I’m falling into another break. ^_^

However, I’m not quite done with this blog yet. It won’t be completed for a while, so don’t worry (if you were worried). Right now, I just wish to get back to editing my book, starting the next one, and wasting my time in playing video games. Hooray! ^o^/

Although, when I come up with more blah-de-blah I will write and post it right away. And you may have noticed that my “smile” section is full of cool music, but I will began to post funny videos as well. I’ll make sure to check in at least once a week with those, so do keep your eyes open for it.

I won’t bother to share them on my Facebook, so my readers from there may want to sign up for my blog, in order to not miss out. Only if you want to, of course! ^_-v

I want to give my thanks to everyone who’ve followed and “like” my posts thus far. It’s much appreciated! And a little unexpected… When I first started this blog, I was under the impression that no one else would be interested in following the ramblings of a crazy woman, besides my friends and family. In fact, I was counting on this idea because I didn’t want to feel pressured to “perform” for a large crowd.

However, you’ve all been kind and I even met a few cool new people through this little blog, which is awesome. I’ve enjoyed the conversations held in comments so far, which is another thing that I didn’t expect. So, thank you. It’s nice to learn that my mundane ramblings can be appreciated by people of all walks of life.

Now, I’m off to enjoy a bit more of my life and to drive myself crazier in editing a 90,000 word manuscript. I really don’t like this part of writing, but I love the result of having yet another novel readable for review and sending it off to friends or relatives for input.

Be safe, everyone! I’ll see you again soon. ^_^v

Thanks for reading!



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