My Crush On AmazingPhil!

Picture: little lion amazingphilIt’s been a while since I did a blah-de-blah, so I thought I’d do a fan-girl post, about one of my most favorite Youtubers! Feel free to walk away in groans and annoyance, although this one will be a lot fun for me to write and a bit embarrassing at the same time. Hooray! ^o^/

A few years ago, I started a Youtube viewing adventure with Danisnotonfire, Dan Howell. I found him to be a wise young man, a lot mature and insightful about life for someone his age, and he’s a lot entertaining as well. Many of his fans are crazy-eyed for him, although I feel “meh” about that, maybe because of the age difference. I don’t know.

Anyway, a few weeks into viewing his videos, I noticed his older best friend and roommate, AmazingPhil (Phil Lester). My jaw dropped and I thought, “Wow… he looks just like a girl! Who is this beautiful creature?!” *0*

I’m pretty sure that’s NOT anything a guy would love to hear at all, but what can I say, I’m highly attracted to the androgynous look and Phil is very beautiful. I can’t help it! ;^_^>

Picture: antisocial phil lesterInstantly, I fell in love with Phil’s video blog: The Breakup and I’ve been stalking him… erm, I mean following him…. erm, I subscribed to his Youtube channel ever since. And his Facebook page… and his Tumblr. And I joined Twitter (a site that I can’t stand! It’s SO boring!) to follow him there too. Oh, boy… I have issues. u_u

It’s not just his kawaii J-Pop haircut, his huge and beautiful eyes, his skinny jeans, or his British accent… although those things obviously don’t hurt his appeal! However, I think my crush is 95% the fact that he’s a lot awkward, nerdy, and love many of the same things as I do. I love his references to the shows “Friends” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, and various old-school video game mentions.

I love his obsession with Lion, his wacky “Draw Phil Naked” segment, and the fact that he can use a flat-iron to his fringe like a pro. I still can’t do that with my own fringe, I get too flustered, resulting in a trip to my stylist to flatten my hair for me. The fact that a guy can do this is most impressive!

His videos are a lot of fun to watch and he’s not afraid to be a goofball in front of millions of viewers, which screams “confidence” and that’s a natural aphrodisiac to the female species in general. And he gains extra points for being confident, but not a douchebag, which is a very fine line to walk. Cheers on him for finding the middle ground! ^_^v

Picture: Phil and lionI do love the friendship between Dan and Phil, as they’re like Siamese twins that should NEVER be separated!  My favorite video of them together is: Dan And Phil Get Down. I’ve shared this video with my sister last year, she responded with a blank stare and said, “They’re English boys… and they look like J-Pop emo band guys.” I said, “Yep.” And she said, “Cool!” And I said, “I know, right?!” LOLz!

The video is part of a long running meme called “Geddan”, if you are wondering. I wrote about it in my other blog, which you can check out: here. I’m too lazy to explain it all over again. =p

Moving on, I often get crushes and it’s no big deal. The fun thing about crushes is that I can have them on whomever I wish to, even people who are so clearly out of my league. I’m pretty sure if AmazingPhil met me in person, he would RUN the other direction, and it would be highly suspicious if he didn’t. o_O

The weird thing about this particular crush is, it’s not fading away like the usual. The last time this has happened, it was my crush for… ahem… Keanu Reeves. (I still love you Mr. Reeves, call me!). After a few months has passed, I’m usually over any crush and forgetting why I had a crush on someone in the first place.

I have moments when I think that about Phil, wondering what it was that I ever saw in him. But when I view a new video of his, it comes flooding back to me, “Oh, yeah… now I remember why! He’s amazing!” Le sigh… ^_^

So, I shall continue to stalk him… I mean, follow him… I mean, enjoy my subscription to his Youtube channel. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Tumbrl. God! There’s no way for me to NOT come off as an obsessive and creepy fan, is there? Oh, well…  ;^_^>

And before I end this post, here’s a video of AmazingPhil lip-syncing to a Britney Spears song, of all things: A Static Lullaby – Toxic (cover) Too cute!!! \^o^/

Thanks for reading!



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