You Bow To No One!

goddess-1There’s a scene near the end my most favorite movie trilogy “Lord Of The Rings”, where Aragorn becomes King and the hobbits (Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin) bow to him. King Aragorn gasps and say to them, “My friends… you bow to no one.” At that moment, the King and everyone in the court bow to the hobbits instead. ^_^

Sometimes, I find myself in a frenzy to over explain my intentions, my emotions, to rectify why I believe the things that I do and make the choices that I make. Then I stop myself and realize, “I don’t need to explain my motives, I know for sure what I mean, what I feel, what I wish, what I want, and who I am. And that’s good enough.”

Several times, I’ve pre-written posts here and I delete them, because I realize that I wrote them in defense of what I’ve  expressed earlier or because I worry that someone will misunderstand my intentions behind the words. Or someone will get offended, GASP, heaven forbid! After I’ve let the post sit in drafts for a few days, I later come back to it and realize that it’s NOT necessary.

People are more prone to be offended over the littlest things these days. It doesn’t take much. For example: Raspberries are stupid! I’m pretty sure that little statement offended some raspberry lovers and I may be accused of ableism. Pfft, whatever. >_>

I could bend over backwards to catch every smart remark, every possible perceived undertone, to make sure to cross my t’s and dot my i’s, to mind my p’s and q’s, and cook myself a whole alphabet soup of anxiety over expressing the “wrong” thing. I’ve had this soup plenty of times during my younger years, it’s very bitter and bland. Now that I’m getting older, I say screw it! =p

agsmilegirl10I mean no offense to anyone and if it happens, I am sorry. If my apology is not good enough for people, that’s not my problem. I’m going to be myself. I refuse to be held hostage to a worry about pleasing everyone else, to a point that my own true expression is watered down or lost in translation. I bow to no one. ^o^/

Not only is this a new thing that I do with my blogs, it’s a new practice in my daily conversations and interactions with others too. I find myself stopping in the middle of trying to explain myself to others and saying, “Never mind” or “Well, anyway…”, then moving on with some other topic. This may annoy some, but If I have to talk until I’m blue in the face to prove my intentions, my motives, or my choices, then it’s not worth talking about it.

Life is too short for that and I rather spend my time doing something FUN, not arguing over why I believe or feel something. And I rather people have a hissy fit over the fact that I will not engage in such debates, than to raise my own stress levels and ruin my day.

This is a post for my friends, who I’ve noticed worry too much about what everyone else thinks of them. My friends, you bow to no one! Trust me on that, please. ^o^/

It doesn’t matter if I or anyone else looks at you sideways for anything that you say or choose to do in your life. The point is that it’s YOUR life and no one has to live it but YOU. If you are certain that your path is the right one for you, go for it! As long as it doesn’t harm yourself of others, who cares about what anyone has to think?

The only person you have to answer to is yourself. Make all of your choices count, even the mistakes, live life to the fullest and in the way YOU want to live it. Don’t worry about “what will the neighbors think”, forget the neighbors! Forget the peers, the coworkers, and any other naysayer, including myself! We all could be WRONG!

agspacesceneOne of my favorite astrophysicists, Neil deGrasse Tyson, was told often that he shouldn’t aspire to be an astrophysicist, that he should play sports instead. He ignored that and fought his way to his dream. Today, he’s a well known Astrophysicist, former host of the show “Cosmos”, radio host of “StarTalk Radio”, Director of the Hayden Planetarium,  a science communicator, and author of several books. He’s awesome! ^_^v

Imagine if he decided to worry about what everyone else thought about a poor boy in the Bronx dreaming to become an Astrophysicist? He wouldn’t had made the many accomplishments that he has made. And if he worried about what others thought of him now,  he wouldn’t continue in his successful path.

Don’t bow to anyone. Just be yourself and you’ll do fine.  As the old quote goes: Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!

This is a lesson that I keep learning for myself, everyday.

Thanks for reading! ^_^



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