Beware Of Stereotypes!

agshocked4When I was a little girl, I would hear a lot of stereotypes about different people. I believed that it was true, as I was a silly child and believed just about anything. I also believed that the puppets in “Gremlins” were real and that evil trolls would come out of the wall during nights to steal my breath (Cat’s Eye – 1985 movie). And I believed that Freddy Kruger was real… what a horrifying childhood. ;^_^>

Anyway, I grew up and learned that stereotypes are rubbish. Especially, since I don’t fit the stereotypes of my race, neither do most of my family, nor do most of my previous neighbors in Philadelphia.

I don’t tend to share what my race is in my blogging, because I’ve had the unfortunate experiences (too many times to count) of my writing and my choice of expressing myself becoming over analyzed by jerks who assumed that I should reflect the stereotypes of my race. When I do not fit their expectations, I got accused of “you’re only pretending to be someone that you’re not.”

To every one of those jerks, I promptly responded with a word that started with an F and ended with a “you”. ^_^

However, it annoyed me so much to be faced which such idiots all the time, that I became vague about my race online, in order to avoid the hassle. I do mention that I’m “non-Caucasian” , if the topic comes up or if I’m making some political argument.

Firefly-Shootem PolitelyAlthough I am very proud of my race, and would choose it again if I had the choice, I don’t feel the need to display it or to explain my right to express myself in whatever way I frickin feel like as a human being. You can read my blogs for what they are or take a long hike off a short pier… politely. ^0^

I have friends of all races, different religions or non-religious, different cultures, different sexuality, and different lifestyles. None of those small differences matter to me, I’m all about the personality of an individual, and my friends are AWESOME. Which is why I am bisexual, I believe, because it’s difficult for me to feel attraction only to certain basic bits of a person. Personality is EVERYTHING to me.

I’m very much into different cultures, religions, philosophical thought, and other constructive ways of thinking. The wisest way to learn about other people is to drop the bullsh$t list of stereotypes.

We’re all individuals and to polarize a person into the idiosyncrasy of a few people or something gleamed from a movie, is very short sighted. You will lose out on the full picture of that individual and will be no closer to understanding them.

hetalia___canadian_plz_by_chira_chiraA good example is that some people make the mistake in believing that all Canadian’s say “eh” at the end of their sentences, no thanks to a few OLD movie stereotypes.

When I first moved to Minnesota, I mentioned to a few people that Minnesotans have a kind of Canadian accent, not the exact same but very similar. I am beginning to pick up this accent by my usual habit of mimicking accents when I’m around them for a really long time.

I was making the joke that I’m a human parrot, because I often slip into the British accent as well, because I’m either communicating with my British pals or I’m enjoying my favorite shows on the BBC. Anyway, a few people responded with, “Does that mean you’re going to say ‘eh’ at the end of your sentences now?” Face-palm! ;u_u

I found myself explaining, “Canadians don’t really say ‘eh’ and neither do Minnesotans. There is a few ‘doncha know’ and ‘you betcha’, but no one says ‘eh’.” They seemed a bit disappointed, as it challenged their “knowledge” of the Canadian accent. And for the record, not everyone says ‘doncha know’ or ‘you betcha’ either, I was expressing that I am picking up the unique way that vowel sounds are pronounced in this particular accent.

Black_ButlerIt’s the same way how British people don’t all have cockney accents and run around saying “Pip-pip, cheerio!” It NEVER happens in real life! LOL! And you’re an idiot, if you believe that’s what British people say!

However, cheer up, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay an idiot. Learn from your mistakes and adjust. I’ve made mistakes in learning about different cultures and individuals too. I’ve learned and I’ve moved on. And I’m happy that people were patient with me to explain and didn’t kick my butt for those stupid mistakes.  Bonus! ^_^

The problem with stereotypes is that it will always be misinformation, when you’re trying to use it to generalize a whole group of people or individual. Sometimes there is a little truth within a stereotype, but it’s so little that most of the time you’re going to offend someone or be so ignorantly wrong about that person. You’ll rightly gain the title of “douchebag”. >_>

Here’s a little song about the stupidity of stereotypes: The Stereotypes Song. I am an American, I am a little chubby, I do love eating burgers (it’s next to my love of PIE, coffee, and gummi bears!), and I’m not particularly opposed to shotguns. However, to assume that’s the whole picture of me would be pretty lame. I’m also an obsessive writer, a fan of anime, I love video games, I’m a science nerd, a “moviephile”, and way much more.

To assume that ALL Americans are the same is idiotic. I know way too many vegetarians, skinny, and anti-firearm American citizens. I often feel alone with my cheeseburgers. TnT

This song hits a lot of different stereotypes and I have a healthy sense of humor, so I find it hilarious.  If any of it offend you, it should, and that’s the point. Stereotypes are hurtful in general, as it seeks to imprison an individual into set ideas and oppresses that person from becoming anything outside of that imprisonment.

This is why stereotypes are a huge joke and should never be taken seriously. To quote the song, “They’re stereotypes, and if you believe them, then your brain is small like a Korean’s penis.” ^w^

Thanks for reading. And be excellent to each other! ^_^v



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