My Awesome List (Sept. 2014)

agmagicalbubblesHere’s something that I may try to post every month, I call it “My Awesome List”! ^_^v

It’s far easier to list all of the bad drama in one’s life. In fact, for many people, it’s habitual to list everything that’s wrong with their lives (or what they perceive is wrong) and to forget about the good things that have happened as well. I understand, I have done this before too.

However, I’ve decided that I will keep a list of all of the awesome things that I’ve experienced within a month (in drafts), no matter how little (or big) each item may seem. And I shall post my list on the last day of said month in celebration! Hooray! ^o^/

magic-princess-kitty-anime-animal-girls-25260597-431-525This month’s color scheme is blue, because it’s AmazingPhil’s favorite color. Pfft! And I happen to like this shade of blue, because it’s very calming. ^_^

1.) I’ve finished a new novel! And I had lots of fun writing it too!

2.) I’ve enjoyed a lot of new releases from Monstercat! My favorite this month is: Mirai Sekai

3.) Dan and Phil opened their new e-store and I bought myself this cool new t-shirt: here.

4.) I made my mother laugh with my shared Monty Python videos on my blog.

5.) I watched “Adventure Time” with my sister and we laughed at fart jokes! ^w^

6.) I started my Christmas shopping early and bought someone a really kawaii gift! Shh! (One down, two more people to shop for!).

7.) My sister bought me a new mobile for an early birthday present and it is good. ^_^v

8.) I finally have the perfect bag of coffee grounds to make at home and I’m comfortably caffeinated! Whee!

9.) I’ve learned something new and awesome about myself in therapy. Huh… go figure! o_O

10.) I screamed in terror and then laughed like crazy, while watching one of Cryaotic’s gaming series: Cry Plays: Claire

agmagical211.) I donated what little money I had to a charity just starting out. Later, it grew so big that major news channels are covering it! My two bucks mattered!

12.) I got an unexpected discount at the hair salon and walked away with $25 extra dollars,

13.) I gave the extra $25 bucks to that same charity again, so that it may help even more people! ^o^v

14.) My favorite band in the universe, U2, released their new album “Songs Of Innocence”. They decided to give away a free copy of their new album to all iTunes users! I got my free copy and I LOVE it.

15.) A pack of gummi bears… ’nuff said. ^_-

16.) I officially LOVE the new Doctor of “Doctor Who”, so very much!

17.) I laughed most mornings on Facebook with George Takei posts.

18.) I gained a handful of new followers… woah! Where did you people come from? o_O

19.) September was my most creative month ever! I enjoyed the rush of creative energy that hit me all at once. I didn’t have time to experience my usual “writer’s block”, because the ideas kept coming!

20.) Waves of calm and inner peace. This happened to me quite a few times and randomly. ^_^

21.) I’ve enjoyed an anime named “Psycho-Pass”, a dark, psychological and philosophical series.

22.) I’ve had little nightmares this month and found myself wanting to stay asleep, so I could continue my adventures with Sherlock or The Doctor.

23.) PIE… nom,nom, nom ! ^0^

BlueAnimeWitchThis list may not always be as long, but it’s not the size that counts. If I can list at least four good things in a month (that equals to a awesome event every week!), then it’s proof that life isn’t as dismal as I may have previously thought! ^_-v

What’s your list of awesome? I’m highly interested! If you post a list on your blog, please leave the link to it in the comment section below. I will leave a “like” and possibly a comment. We can celebrate awesomeness together! \^o^/

Thanks for reading!



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