Therapy In Writing!

Not only do I write for the sake of creativity and freedom of expression, but I find that writing can be a lot cathartic for me in general.

For the past few weeks, I found myself feverishly working on a short novel, about a bisexual woman who has fallen in love with a lesbian woman, and the social obstacles in the way of their love within today’s society, It’s a very romantic and sweet novel, which I hope to publish someday.

However, a lot of the situations and drama included within the story are heavily borrowed from my own personal experiences and past horrid relationships. So, in a lot of ways, writing this novel was like “therapy” for me and the book was discussed within my actual therapy sessions.

Often, when I share any story I’ve written with others, I get the comment that my characters are “very relatable”. That’s because I don’t hesitate or shy away from borrowing from my real life experiences, which aren’t extraordinary or necessarily “out of the norm”. My readers have either known someone (other than myself) who had the exact same experiences or they’ve experienced something very similar themselves.

Writing is not just a tool of entertainment for me, but it’s often a platform that I use to ponder my past issues, hurts, betrayals, triumphs, and everything else in between. My characters seem relatable, because they often carry my old hurts, flaws, insecurities, hopes, dreams, and so on.

In other words, they are very much “human”, in spite if the character is a supernatural being or space alien, they FEEL human.

holo writingNot only do I focus on parts of me, I do steal the emotions and characterizations of people I’ve crossed paths with along my journey in life as well. So, the people within my stories are shadows of real life characters imitating “art”.

I’m not claiming that this is a new method of writing or that I’m particularly brilliant at this, however I am claiming that writing in this style has been a lot beneficial to my overall mental well being. So, hooray for that! ^_^v

There’s been times when I’ve spent hours writing and weeping at the same time, as I typed painful accounts of a character’s past that mirrored of my own past pain. It hurt to tread over those dark memories, but after I reached the last page of it, I felt relieved and less burdened inside.

Often times, those manuscripts are forgotten or deleted afterward, but every now and then I write something that I deem is worthy for publication. My published book, True Shadows, is such a novel that I didn’t bury and decided to share with the public. There are some parts in that story which are hurtful whispers of my past, but it was very cathartic to write it out.

I also think blogging and sites like WordPress is a very great thing, as it leaves a space for people to write and purge themselves of the inner turmoil inside. Or it can be a space to write “thinking” blogs. like mine, in order to “talk” though life situations as if in a therapy session. It can be a space of trying to figure out the best course to happiness in one’s life.

We are all writing our stories here on WordPress, in one way or another, and people are reading them for whatever reasons.

anime_writing2As long as I am able to see, I will find myself writing. It’s not just an ambition to become a good published author for me, writing is more than my art, it’s my therapy sessions as well. I see my writing as my way of thinking, talking, and working through my past issues most of the time. And I love leaving myself little notes, like Easter Eggs, within anything I write to remind myself of the key points or ideas that I shall continue to lean on during my recovery.

Thanks for reading my notes! ^_^



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