Story: Strange Weather

anime-halloween-flickr-photo-sharingTomorrow is Halloween, so I’ve decided to write an exclusive horror short story for my blog readers! I call this one “Strange Weather” and I hope that you will enjoy it. Happy Halloween everyone! ^_^v



Strange Weather

I heard the heavy pats against my window pane, located next to my bed. It stirred me from my sleep, as I lazily reached out to my phone to check the time. It was 7AM Saturday, a cold, quiet, and rainy day. I groaned and slowly pulled myself up, my torso wrapped in warm sheets, not wishing to wake but I needed to have a more productive day. I had my novel to finish and this was my weekend to do so.

I yawned, as I turned on my laptop, that sat on the desk across the room. I stood for a moment like a half-awake zombie, numbly scratching my right side, and listening to the soft patter of rain.The rain suddenly stopped and the sound of silence was deafening. Somehow it didn’t seem natural for the rain to end like that in mid pour and my mind was compelled to investigate. I moved toward the window.

sw_frontI carefully peel back the dark curtains and my eyes was flooded by a bright pinkish red sky. its glow covered the outside world in a blanket of this odd hue. It made the neighboring houses, cars in driveways, and trashcans seem like darken silhouettes in contrast. If this wasn’t strange enough, my front lawn was drizzled with blood droplets, my window pane as well.

I rubbed my eyes, not sure if there was something wrong with my vision. Maybe I wasn’t fully awake, still trapped in a strange dream. I backed away from my window and did the only logical thing I could do in a dream; I slipped on my flip-flops and headed for my front door.

When I opened the door, the strong smell of blood assaulted my nostrils. The cold air was heavy with this smell and it stung within my lungs as I breathed it. I was now certain that I wasn’t dreaming, as I shivered and pulled my fuzzy bathrobe closer to me. My breath curled out in lazy white puffs, as a few more red raindrops fell from the sky. I reached out my shaking hand and caught the lukewarm drops. It was thick and sticky, consistent of blood.

Almost in a child-like voice within my head, I wondered, “Why is it raining blood?” My confused thoughts were interrupted, by a series of strange clicks, as some kind of insect was making its mating call.  What followed the clicks was a high-pitched squeal that was deep and guttural at the same time, a dual voice. I heard the pacing footsteps of something large, circling my house, and I quickly scrambled back inside.

I slammed my door and locked it quickly. I peered through the side window. There was nothing there and everything seemed to stand still, the leaves of the plants and and every blade of blood slicked grass, not daring to breath or sway in the cold breeze. I didn’t hear or see the creature, as I breathed heavily against my side window. I stood there for a few moments, not knowing what to do next, my thoughts were jumbled in sheer panic.

I headed back to my room to grab my phone. This was an emergency, so I thought to call the police, my family, anyone. It didn’t matter. My heart was pounding wildly as I began to dial numbers. My phone alerted me that I didn’t have a signal. I waved my arm into the air wildly, pacing around my room, trying to gain one. This sometimes happened within this area, but this was not the day to do this to me!

I paced the whole house, even travel downstairs into my garage, and I couldn’t gain a signal. I returned to my living room, in order to turn on my flat screen, hoping to get some information from local news stations. All local stations were off the air and my cable stations had no mentioning of my city or the strange blood rain we were experiencing.

The internet! I wanted to smack myself for not checking that first, as news seem to travel faster online than on television these days. I hoped like hell that I still had Wi-fi and I gave a relieved sigh as soon as my homepage loaded. I tried news outlets first, but there was still no mention of blood rain or my city.

Maybe no one outside of the town knew what was happening here. Maybe I was losing my mind and this was all an delusion. Maybe I was sleeping. I hoped the last explanation was true, even though I knew without a shadow of doubt that It wasn’t. I was very much awake and something horrible was happening to us.

I switched to my social networking site and instantly noticed that the  news-feed of my friends and family posts had completely stopped before this strange weather occurred. The last status update was from my uncle at 4am, but no one else posted anything since. It was eerie, that my entire contact list was silent, as if they had all completely dropped off of the face of the planet.

Everyone I had a connection to lived within my city, except for an aunt who had moved two states away and an old college buddy, both rarely use their accounts. Were they all dead? I didn’t want to have that thought, but it invaded my head, breaking in like a night intruder.

What if my friends and family were all ripped apart, by that creature roaming outside, and the blood rain was them? What if everyone in town was ripped apart and it was raining dead people, or what was left of them?

I shook my head and argued to myself to calm down. I sent everyone a private message, “It’s Jill. What’s happening outside? What’s with the strange weather and red sky? The phones aren’t working and I’m afraid. Please respond back, as soon as you can.” I copied and pasted the message to everyone, as my hands shook, and my heart raced.

As soon as I sent my message to the last person on my list, I heard the high-pitched squeal and guttural cry of the creature outside. Its large shadow danced across the curtains of my window and I didn’t dare look out there.

sw_hallI grabbed my phone and ran down the hall to the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it. I wedged myself beside the toilet, in a lame attempt to hide from the monstrous cry. My phone flashed with a few earned bars for my efforts. I quickly dialed the police. There was a click on the other end of the line, but a white noise followed. “Hello?” I said and my voice echoed back to me, “Hello? Is there anyone there? I need help.”

There was a dark mumble of a man and his voice gave a deep hum of two musical notes, “hmm…HMM!”. The call ended. My blood ran cold. What was that?

I dialed the numbers of my relatives and a few friends, but there was nothing but white noise on the line. There wasn’t a click to suggest that the line even picked up, the ringing line would just fade out, after four or five tones. I attempted to try another number, but the bars dropped, and I couldn’t get another signal. “Shit!” I roared in frustration.

My hands were still shaking and I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment. I opened an app, on my phone, to check my messages online. No one had responded to my message yet.

I wrote an public status, hoping to get attention from anyone at this point. “It’s raining blood in my city and the phones are dead. I can’t reach my friends or family. Is anyone out there? Does anyone know what’s happening? I’m alone and I’m afraid. There is some kind of creature circling my house, I don’t know what it is. Please help me! I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to die.”

The moment I posted it, I heard a huge slam and my floor shook from its force. Against common sense, I left the bathroom and walked down the short hallway, toward my front door.

sw_;lawnIt was blown wide open, by the rough winds outside. It was as if a tornado was brewing, the blood rainfall was swirling against the houses and cars, painting them with red splatter. The carpeting in front of my door was becoming increasingly red from the outside blowing in.

I took a step to close my door, when I saw something dark scuttle across the lawn. It rushed by way too fast, but I caught a glimpse of red glowing eyes and long sharp claws. It was massive, dark, and it seemed to be hunting me. I then remembered that I had locked the front door, so it wasn’t just the mere force of high-winds to opened it, but the creature’s forceful attempt to lure me out.

I ran like hell, back toward the bathroom, as I heard the creature’s heavy breath behind me. I slammed the bathroom door and locked it. While shrieking, I climbed into the empty tub with my phone. I cursed myself, as I realized that it would had been better to run to my bedroom, so that I may block the door with furniture  or to escape through the window. My bathroom didn’t have a window and there were only heavy fixtures that I couldn’t move.

I could hear the creature’s cry in my living room, as it flipped over my sofa, and other glass items nearby shattered. I knew that I was going to die, as it had no problem kicking in locked doors. Right now, it was just toying with me, stirring up my fear, before it ripped me apart and made the sky rain down with my blood. My tears flowed from my eyes, as I checked my app.

Someone had replied to my public status, “Is this some kind of joke?” “No.” I replied, my thumbs moving quickly across the keyboard  of my phone, “The creature is in my house now and it’s going to kill me. I suspect that all of my friends and family are dead. I suspect that the blood rain is that of the dead people of this town. I don’t know what is happening. I woke up to this.”

Another person replied, “I just saw a report on TV, that there is a weird shadow over your city. No one knows what it is, but officials are trying to get into the city.” The first person responded again, “What? Shit is real?” Another person replied, “I just saw that report too! Is this some kind of Halloween prank?” Someone else posted, “FAKE!”

“No,” replied another, “I think it’s real. I’m seeing the report now on CNN. They’ve mentioned something about chemical warfare?”

The creature began to ram against my bathroom door and I text quickly, “The creature is nearly in, I’m locked in my bathroom. Whatever it is, it’s massive, and have a high-pitched and guttural cry. And it’s going to kill me. There’s nothing I can do about that.” “Fight back!” someone responded, “Grab something and beat the shit out of it!”

“I can try.” I responded, as the door frame began to splinter, “Thank you for talking with me. I don’t feel so alone in my last moments. Goodbye.”

I dropped the phone into the empty tub and gathered the heavy porcelain top of the toilet in my arms. I knew that I couldn’t beat this thing, but I was going to die swinging. The door burst open and the huge dark beast rushed in.



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