My Awesome List (Oct. 2014)

agpurpleeyedfirlExplanation: It’s far easier to list all of the bad drama in one’s life. For many people, it’s habitual to list everything that’s wrong with their lives (or what they perceive is wrong) and to forget about the good things that has happened as well. I’ve decided that I will keep a list of the awesome things that I’ve experienced within a month (in drafts), no matter how little (or big) each item may seem. And I shall post my list on the last day of said month in celebration! Hooray! ^o^/

dress-original-ribbons-purple-eyes-gray-hair-anime-girls-600x424This month’s color scheme is purple, because for some reason October always feel like a purple-y kind of month to me.

1.) My new Dan and Phil shirt has become my most favorite one to wear!

2.) Halloween! Candy! ^o^v

3.) I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. Whew!

4.) I’ve earned my first check for my book, True Shadows. It wasn’t much (LOL…not much at all!), but it felt great that I had earned anything from my writings. Thanks to all who bought it, if you’re reading this. ^_^v

5.) I stood up for myself and my right to be who I am meant to be as a person. Gain a boost in self confidence.

6.) I enjoyed “Ouran Host Club”, surprisingly. ;^_^>

7.) I found myself writing TWO fun novels at the same time, ducking back and forth between the separate files. My creativity is on FIRE this month! ^o^/

8.) I got a new haircut and it looked great.

9.) I’ve avoided a lot of drama for a few weeks and was able to enjoy my life in peace.

10.) I ran across a cool gaming series by PressHeartToContinue, the Sherlock Homes: Crime And Punishments. I love her gaming style and therefore subscribed.

11.) COFFEE! It’s better than a hug!

12.) I finished my old goal list and began new goals of independence in therapy. Hooray! ^o^/

13,) I made a goal to start running again in Spring 2015.

14.) I didn’t die in the crazy cab ride home! Not dying is always a plus! ^_^v

15.) I enjoyed listening to my favorite podcast: StarTalk Radio! I always learn new awesome science stuff and I enjoy the comedy of Chuck Nice and Eugene!

16.) Was freaked out with Cryaotic’s gaming series: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter! Creepy game, but good one! O_O

Thus concludes my list for this month! I’m looking forward to November! As always, thanks for reading!



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