It’s Okay To Not Know!

aggirltestI think everyone has that resistance within  them, where they don’t like to be wrong at anything. I have it too, I hate when I’ve misunderstood something or am the last to learn a change in data. I don’t want to be wrong, I want to be always right, like The Doctor… because he’s clever. =p

However, the simple truth is that we’re not an over 2000 year old Time Lord from the planet Galifrey, so we’re liable to get things wrong from time to time. Even The Doctor has made a few mistakes, has admitted it, and called himself an “idiot” a few times. ^w^

I think the reason why we hate being wrong or not knowing something is because society teaches us at a very young age that getting the wrong answer to a question means a poor mark on that exam or a lower grade. So we quickly learn that “incorrect” or “I don’t know” equals “the end of the world as we know it!”. Ahhhhhhh!!! \OnO/

The positive side to being mistaken or finding ourselves unfamiliar within a subject is that it’s an opportunity to discover and update our data with a shiny new bauble of information, that we otherwise would have missed if weren’t told that we were mistaken in the first place.

aghomeworkI see myself as a woman that is constantly learning and discovering new information daily. I sometimes get it wrong, is ill-informed, and need to learn or update my database.  However, I shouldn’t feel badly when this happens. as it means that I’m in the process of discovering. To believe that I know everything there is to know about anything is a hubris that will leave me far behind everyone else in the ever evolving informational highway of society.

To err is be human and, like it or not, I am human. And even though I don’t agree with change easily and I often fear it, it doesn’t mean that the meaning of society, language, political thought, scientific research and otherwise are going to stand still for my personal comfort.

Pluto was considered a planet for many years and now it is not. I can’t keep calling it a planet, just because I’ve known it to be so for my entire childhood and my young adult life. I must update my database and get over it. To insist that Pluto is a planet would place me in the dark ages, where people insisted that the world was flat, no matter of the new information to the contrary.

agstudyingI’m learning that being “wrong” or mistaken is not the end of the world, but just one of those pop-ups on my system that says, “There’s a new upgrade available for this program.” I can click the button and choose to upgrade, even though my system is going to need a restart and that will interrupt my Youtube marathon. However, I will be better off with the new security features and once it’s done, I don’t have to worry about another upgrade for a while.  ^_^

“It’s okay not to know all the answers. It’s better to admit our ignorance than to believe answers that might be wrong. Pretending to know everything closes the door to finding out what’s really there. ” – Neil deGrasse Tyson (“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” 2014/ Episode 11: Unafraid Of The Dark)

I find it a lot exciting and mesmerizing that the older I get, the more my mind expands with new updated information. I have more creative and philosophical ideas,  social and political views, and updated scientific information rattling around inside my brain than I had access to as a child or could comprehend at that age. As I get older, my brain develops further with new information, which seems like a grand adventure to me! The game is on! ^o^/

However, it’s best to be mindful against “junk” knowledge, like conspiracy theories or anecdotal ideas set as “truths”. This kind of data can be fun sometimes, but it’s basically the junk foods of all knowledge and too much of it will ruin your intellectual health and rot your brain.  Please… enough with the Illuminati gibberish already! Read a physics book or listen to StarTalk Radio once in a while, it’s much more healthier for your mind. ^_^v

I look forward to the new things that I’ll learn each day and will keep learning until the end of my life. Not knowing everything at any one time feeds the hunt for more knowledge and makes the world and universe a more exciting place to discover, I believe. It’s difficult to stay bored for very long, when there’s so much to learn and study!

And I shall leave you with a wonderful quote of another scientist that I admire VERY much: “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye (The Science Guy)

So don’t despair in not knowing something YET, you always have time to learn if you want to. Keep researching and be sure to keep your systems updated! Happy knowledge hunting, everyone!

And thanks for reading! ^_^v



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