New Definitions!

agirl_reading3I’ve gained new definition for situations and ideas in life. Some were gained within my new life in Minnesota, but a few I’ve learned months before moving here. Either way, I feel like sharing a few of them here for writing sake. ^_^v

Keep in mind that these definitions may evolve in time, with age and new experiences, and they are my personal understanding of a word or situation. In other words, it’s not THE definition for everyone nor are they necessarily static definitions for me. It’s just my own understandings for now.

1.) Cold – When I lived on the East Coast, my understanding of this word was winter weather within 23-22 Fahrenheit. Now that I’ve lived in Minnesota for over a year, this definition has changed to 1F, minus 5 – minus 35 degrees. Anything lower than that is INSANE, but the word “cold” has a new definition for me now. I miss the “mild” winters of the East Coast! =p

2.) Friendship – My past definitions of this was very childish and backwards, until I actually made real friends in my late twenties. Recently, my definition has upgraded to: Friends are people that I connect with, feel close enough to share personal secrets with, and people that I don’t have to perform for or vice versa. Basically, they’re people who I like and they like me, and we share more than just idle chit-chat. A bond doesn’t happen overnight, within a few weeks, or a month. Friendship tends to happen for me after a long time of hanging out with a person.

agirl_presents3.) Gifts – A gift is when an item is given to someone, without the expectation of gaining something back in return. This includes the expectations of: gaining money or gifts back, expecting loyalty or friendship in return for the gift, expecting quality time spent in return, or expecting a person to do tasks for you or to  change some facet of themselves for said gift.

For example, if a friends buys me a new car, but expect me to drive them wherever they wish to go, at their own particular schedule with that car, then it really wasn’t a gift at all. It was a bribe to obligate me into a contract of being their personal chauffeur! O_O

I don’t give gifts, unless I mean to, and they’re without an expectation of return. That’s why I don’t like accepting items or money from others, because I don’t have the time or money to replace them. However, if a person is truly giving me a gift, I will accept it and I will say thank-you for it! And that’s all a person should really expect when giving a gift to someone, a thank you, not a contract of “You owe me now!”

4.) Knowledge / Discovery – I’ve been humbled by the amount of knowledge available out there in the universe and how much I’ve yet to discover. No matter how much I think that I have learned, there’s so MUCH more out there in the cosmos. I’m nothing more than a child, learning how to take her first steps in the vast landscape of knowledge. So, my definition of knowledge has became interchangeable with the word “discovery”.  ^_^

agirl_hugs!5.) Kindness – I use to believe that a person being “kind” to me meant something extreme, like spending insane amounts of time chatting with me, giving me honest gifts, or constructing flowery speeches of praise and awe towards me. NOPE. Although those things are nice, true kindness is much more simpler than that, and tends to resonate with me much longer.

It means taking  a few seconds to type out “Happy Birthday” to someone, spending a few minutes in a chat (in person, on the phone, or internet), clicking a “like” button of someone’s post, or giving a nice hug. Just saying “hello” or “good morning” to someone can brighten their whole day! No need to go overboard with grand gestures, in order to be a decent human being toward each other.

6.) Epiphany – The Greek definition of this emotion is ” is an experience of sudden and striking realization”. For me, the definition is: The moment that I look up from the denial and excuses, and is faced with an undeniable truth of a  situation or event! Whenever I gain an epiphany, things change in my life completely, mostly for the better. And I’ve had quite a few good ones this autumn and winter!

7.) Being Strong – I use to believe this meant to be fearless, no struggle, no tears, no doubts, and no hurts. I thought the meaning of being strong was that a person is badass all day, every day. NOPE! Being strong means to feel like giving up, but carrying on in spite of that feeling. Courage means to be afraid, but doing it anyway. Strong people cry, feel doubt, and hurt like everyone else. What makes that person strong is that they continue to move forward regardless.

That’s all for my small list, for now. As always, thanks for reading!


aglaptop1And if you’re interested in Twitter, you can find me there: @NerdyGrlDani. I tweet almost daily, mostly science, comedy, video gaming, and awesome music! See you there! ^_^v


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