My Awesome List (Nov. 2014)

agorange1Explanation: It’s far easier to list all of the bad drama in one’s life. For many people, it’s habitual to list everything that’s wrong with their lives (or what they perceive is wrong) and to forget about the good things that has happened as well. I’ve decided that I will keep a list of the awesome things that I’ve experienced within a month (in drafts), no matter how little (or big) each item may seem. And I shall post my list on the last day of said month in celebration! Hooray! ^o^/

agorange2This month’s color scheme is orange, simply because it the color that matches my birthstone.  And November somehow feels like an orange to me. Here we go…

1.) I am still enjoying my coffee mornings… like a boss!

2.) I made it to my 34th birthday! Whoo-hoo! The world hasn’t killed me yet! ^_^v

3.) Got a Firefly t-shirt and anime DVD “The Wind Rises” for presents! Whoo! ^o^/

4.) I was able to repeat my knowledge of black holes, the theory that black holes may be portals to other realities, explained “Event Horizons” and “spaghettification”  to someone else perfectly. I can has science! ^w^

5.) Learned that Laurence Fishburne is married to Gina Torres, which I had no clue of this before!!! Morpheus and Zoe??? AWESOME! O_O

6.) Created a Twitter account! Check it out here: @NerdyGrlDani.

7.) Had the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! We’re now happily married, because I love them so much. =p

8.) Screamed in terror and laughed wildly, as I watched the playable trailer known as: Silent Hill: P.T.!

9.) I have become more accustomed to the early winters here in Minnesota now. It’s not as brutal to me anymore. And I’ve decided to stay here and live out my life for a few decades at the least!

10.) I decided to treat myself to British chocolates for the first time, via ordering my event calendar  from Dan and Phil. ^o^v

agcatsorange11.) Even though I felt miffed or neglected a few times this month, I dusted myself off and carried on.

12.) It became so very clear to me, all at once, that I’ve only got one life to live… so why waste it on not doing what I enjoy, to hang around people that I don’t like, or putting up with disagreeable folks? So, I quit that nonsense and did it my way!

13,) I’ve beaten depression, officially! For now, I’m free of it completely and I’m so very excited about what is to come for me in my future! There are billions and billions of possibilities, as there are stars in the cosmos…

14.) I had a great Thanksgiving… or what I liked to call it, “Turkey Day”! ^_^v

15.) I laughed a lot this month, much more than I felt sad or angry. That’s always a plus!

16.) Enjoyed a lot of crab this month, gifts for my birthday! I had crab sushi and crab cakes (made with blue crab). It was delicious! ^o^v

17.) Was followed on Twitter by a music and art group called The Grand White Fox. Lots of beautiful music added to wonderful artwork!

And that’s it for my list, probably for a while, as I’m plotting to taking a long break from this blog soon. More on that later!

Thanks for reading, as always! ^_^v



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