Saying Goodbye… For Now!

agredgirl1Hi there! Thanks for reading and following my blog, my dear readers. I can’t express my appreciation and thanks enough, for the awesome audience to this little WordPress blog! When I first started it, I figured that my little group of six people (friends and family) would follow it, but I had no idea that I would gain a small crowd of people interested in my crazy world. It’s beyond awesome! ^o^v

Now that the winter holidays are approaching, I wish to take a break for the rest of this year. I know, I know, I’ve taken short breaks before, only to return a week or so later. This time, it feels like it will be a longer duration, because I really want to be non-distracted with my loved ones this holiday and I want to continue writing my novels uninterrupted.

And I often feel a lot more lazy during the winter months,  as try desperately to keep warm,  while having an insane amount of sleep, and wasting a lot of my time in video games. ^o^/

Don’t fret… I’m sure that I’ll return again whenever I have some other obscure thought or “lesson” to share. This blog will always be here, in case I wish to return. I may even leave a holiday song in a post, later this week… I’m not sure yet. Most likely it will wind up on my Twitter instead. o_O

If you get bored enough, you can follow my Twitter with daily posts of music, science, comedy, and whatnot: @NerdyGrlDani.

For now, I am happy, hopeful, and content for the most part. And I just wish to sleep, eat, write, and be merry for a while, without stopping to think up articles or ideas to blog about. My drafts folder is empty right now… it feels so very weird, as I’m use to having a topic or two stored there. Oh, well… Welcome to my 78th post! =p

I wish you all a very merry holiday and New Year! And, as always, thanks for reading my blog. Take care and have a very wonderful day. I’ll see you again soon. ^_^v

Sherlock_Jim Moriarty



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