Happy New Year! ^o^

Picture: anime-winter-smileHello, my readers! It’s been a while since my last post, but this is a short “I’m back!” one, as I wanted to say hello to my new followers and my loyal people of last year. My new post, in a few weeks, will leave very little room for that so I should meet-and-greet now. Anyway… HIIIIIII!!! I hope you guys and girls had a wonderful winter holiday and thanks for following my little blog! ^_^v

Another thing I would like to mention is, although I’ve decided to not abandon this blog completely, I will not post daily or weekly. Why? Because I’ve been enjoying life, discovering new things, meeting new people, and writing novels. I’d like to continue doing that, as it seems to make me feel a lot happy, However I do care for this blog and my readers, so…

The compromise is that I’ll post things here whenever I have the time or whenever the mood hits me. I know, it’s not as awesome as a post every Wednesday and Friday, like I use to do, but it beats a blank. Right??? o_O

Anyhoo, I tend to post music, science,  funny Youtubers, and random tweets from my rambling mind on my Twitter account daily: @NerdyGrlDani. So you can follow me there, if you really want to hear my nonsense. And thanks for following my nonsense, I really do appreciate it! ^_^v

Picture: Anime-ChristmasAs for my holiday, it was AWESOME! I opened gifts around 4am, in front of the tree, with my sister and roommate. I got a Fourth Doctor scarf, Dalek pen, a Death Note shirt, plushies of Jake The Dog and Finn The Human (Adventure Time), and “Saint Row III”, the most hilarious video game I’ve ever played! We ate Christmas cookies and watched “Catch Me If You Can”, which is surprisingly a very Christmas-y movie. o_O

Then I spent most of the day wearing my Doctor Who scarf,  playing the game nonstop, as my sister and roommate laughed at my bad driving skills. I’m SO sorry, people on the sidewalks! I swear, I wasn’t trying to run over you on purpose… I was just changing the radio station and then everything went horribly wrong! >_<

Picture: anime winterMeanwhile, I finished writing three novels and I plan trying to get one manuscript published (aka: rejected by a publishing house, yet again! LOLz!). I am currently in the middle of writing a fourth novel. I enjoy writing so much and since there’s nothing but snow, snow, and more snow in Minnesota, it seems like a nice idea to stay indoors, writing away my days. Although, I do venture out sometimes with my serious snow boots.

I’m doing very well in therapy, by the way, and I visited a local science museum on the first week of January. I didn’t catch a panic attack, even though the place was crowded! Hooray! So, I had a pretty good transition into 2015. I was snappy-happy! ^_^

Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the “meh-meh-meh” and “lessons” posts later on. That’s it for now and I hope you are having a wonderful new year! As always, thanks for reading! ^_^v



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