I Can Has Rap?

Konachan.com_-_15168_cloud_strife_final_fantasy_final_fantasy_vii_final_fantasy_vii_advent_children_sephirothWith music, I tend to have very specific tastes. Yet, at the same time, I’m rarely genre specific. I know, that’s a contradictory statement, because I’m a very complicated person. Try to follow me on this. ;^_^>

The only constant I follow is the Irish rock band, U2. However, I love all things rock, techno/trance, celtic, classical, opera, dubstep, EDM, R&B, jazz, a little reggae (mostly Bob Marley) and folk. I also collect soundtracks of video games, favorite movies, and anime. In my younger years, I went through a phase of loving Goth, J-Pop, and Grunge. I’m not much of a fan of American pop, except for a little Lady Gaga every now and then. Ahem…

Futurama-shut-up-and-take-my-money-card-34In other words, I never seem to stick with one band or artist exclusively besides U2. If I happen across a nice song or album, and I can related to the lyrics, melody, and creativity of a composition, I will buy and it will become a part of my collection.

I grew up around rap music, but I never could relate to it in any way. The most I’ve experienced in this genre was lyrics about money, expensive items or drinks, drugs, hatred towards women and homosexuals, and gang violence. I do appreciate the rhythms of rap and hip hop, but the subjects felt like a very hostile environment for me personally, therefore it wasn’t my scene.

Over the holidays, Extra Credits uploaded a video about an underground rap artist from Philadelphia named “Mega Ran”. He creates raps about video games and have been given licence from the gaming companies to use the chip music of the games for his songs. He calls the genre “chip-hop”! He’s beyond talented and I completely fell in love with his Final Fantasy VII album: Black Materia. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VII, do check it out, you won’t be disappointed! ^o^/

finalfantasy_adventchildren_aerithSo, it seems that there is one rap artist in the world that I can listen to and enjoy. At least one album that I can add to my collection of songs. And that’s pretty darn spiffy.

I wonder if there are more rap artist like Mega Ran out there, who have chip-hop albums that appeal to gamers, nerds, and geeks. Rap and hip-hop is not a bad art form, I believe, it’s just that the content (lyrics) of mainstream rap artists can be a lot unwelcoming to people like me. Mega Ran and his collaborations with other local artists are very well done and appeals to the gaming nerd within.

Seriously, try to listen to One Winged Angel (rap remix) without getting hyped about the game! Rawr, spin it hot, son! ~^O^~

Thanks for reading, as always! Have an awesome day! ^_^v



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