Writing Video Games!

3ECA month ago, I made the decision to buy a program named “RPG Maker VX Ace”. It’s available on Steam and Amazon. I’ve played around with this program in my late teens, in its beta stages. It was a lot of fun, but then I forgot all about it when I began creating websites and later discovered blogging. FYI, today marks my seventh year anniversary on WordPress! ^o^/

Anyhoo, I was reminded of this program again when some pretty cool titles started to appear from RPG Maker, games like: To The Moon, Ib, The Witch’s House, Mad Father, and many more. These games are so very beautifully done and memorable. This caused me to give another glance at RPG Maker.

barney-stinson-challenge-acceptedI enjoy writing and I always have some odd story to share/tell. So, it seemed like a good investment to buy the program and see what I could do with it. It was a writing challenge that I just couldn’t ignore!

I’ve been working on my game for almost two months now and I’ve manage to complete the first fifteen minutes of my story. I wish to make my game at least an hour and fifteen minutes long (my goal is really two hours, but we’ll see).

And no, I haven’t been slacking at all. I spend roughly eight hours per day writing the story, building the scenes, and coding the interactions of my characters or objects. Yes, it takes a long while to do properly and I often have to stop to read tutorials or forums with helpful hints on how to get my characters to perform specific actions in cut-scenes.

fullmetal_alchemist_usoI admit that I’m not a visual artist at all and I did download many of the cool graphics used in my game from free chipset sites. Even so, I’m not really sure if I used the chipsets in the best or intended way, because an artist I am not, but it looks passable to me.  ;^_^>

Within this program, I excel at the story telling, surprisingly within the animation as well, and event coding. The promo video makes it look easy to create a scene and actions within your game, but that’s  only if you wish to use the basic movements available in the program. If you wish your characters to dance, flip onto tables, to add an accessory to their visual outfit when a certain item is equipped, etc, then you must learn how to use scripts or find specifically made character graphics for those actions.

At lot of times, some of the complicated events can be achieved with the program base commands, if chosen in the right sequence. For a newbie, I did need to search tutorials in order to figure out what I was doing wrong and to achieve the events that I wanted.

In other words, this is a program for those who don’t mind putting in the time and energy to create their stories. If you’re looking for a program that will do everything for you, with one-click commands to get what you want, then RPG Maker VX Ace will disappoint you. If you don’t mind learning or searching for coding on the interwebs, then this program is VERY awesome! ^_^v

animegirl_space adventureI’m working on a space adventure story, with very wacky characters and situations. I don’t want to give too much away, as I plan to forward it to my friends and family when I’ve finished it. I’m not sure if I will share it publicly yet, as I want to get the opinions of my inner circle first.

And if I do decide to share it, I doubt it would ever come close to the level of some of the other RPG games I’ve mentioned.  Mostly because I’m just playing around with the program and having fun, not creating a very serious masterpiece.

However, I’m glad that I’ve made this investment, because I’m enjoying every moment that I spend within the program. I feel that I’m within my wheelhouse, in regards to writing the plot and creating interesting characters. And I feel that I’m a student, learning many different ways to code the mechanics in my game.

I highly recommend RPG Maker VX Ace to any writer who has the time to spend and wish to explore their talents on another platform.

Thanks for reading! ^_^v



2 thoughts on “Writing Video Games!”

    1. Yep, I very much enjoy this program a lot. I look forward to spending many months completing my game.
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. ^_^v

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