Prioritizing For Science!

[large][AnimePaper]wallpapers_Memories-Off_Asahi_14910In a few weeks, I will began my very long journey in achieving my PhD in Physics, starting with online classes to become acquainted with the basics once again. I haven’t been to school since high-school and forgot most of what I had learned (if anything, to be honest).

I’m out of practice with writing research papers and I’ve relied on calculators for any math problems I had to solve in my daily life. I vaguely remember much of the pre-algebra that I had learned in the sixth grade (in my school, the teachers didn’t bother to teach it any further than that, because it was assumed that no one would ever really need it) and I completely spaced out (and failed) my calculus classes.

I pretty much dismissed physics and mathematics in my youth, because I didn’t believe much of myself and I thought, “Why do I need to learn this? I’m not going to be a rocket scientist! Feh!” I wish I had the foresight that someday I would want to pursue this career path, perhaps I would have paid attention the first time around.

I will start my online courses early May, while I work hard in therapy to tame my anxiety issues. By early 2016, I should be attending an actual university with specific programs for earning degrees in Physics. This step will require a lot of hard work on my part (gaining control over my anxiety) and a bit of luck (gaining education grants for my tuition), but I’m very hopeful and confident that I can make this happen!

The goal of gaining a PhD is very much a slow series of steps. I first have to survive through the Associates degree program, next is Bachelor, then Master, and a Graduate program to earning my Doctorate. This usually takes anywhere from eight to ten years. I estimate that I’ll take a full decade to complete this goal, meaning that I will be age 45, when all of this is said and done.

willywonkageneHowever, the grand prize of earning my PhD in Physics reminds me of a “Golden Ticket”, from the movie “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory” (not the horrifying Johnny Depp version. Yes, I’m aware that the new version is more true to the original book… but WOW! o_o). The only differences between the fictional story and my real life situation is that I’m not a poor boy, but a poor “girl” (ahem, woman). And the ticket is not a key to an “eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all!”, my Ticket will be a key to an eccentric and wonderful science field of all! ^o^/

I did my research into what I could do with a PhD in Physics and my jaw dropped at the many job titles I could choose from, either with just my earned degree or taking a few other classes after gaining my Doctorate. A small list of job opportunities with a Physics degree is located: here. My idea was to become a Physicist, but now I am not so sure, because the career paths of Astrophysicist, Astronomer, and High School Teacher is really appealing to me as well!

For High School Teacher, I love the idea of sharing everything that I’ve learn to  young minds. In high-school I had NO idea how awesome Physics can be, because the teachers didn’t really care to teach it. To be fair, I lived in a state where Evolution wasn’t taught either, except for a grumble of “Scientists believe that we’re born from monkeys, therefore they’re wrong and god-less heathens. Ignore them.” So, I believe it’s fair to say that I was doomed to not be taught science in the proper way in general.

However, I remember that my physics class was taught by teachers whom seemed as if they rather be anywhere else in the universe than teaching that class. In turn, the students had a mutual feeling of wishing for any other class than being stuck in that one. It’s a shame, and perhaps I could do a better job.

I am a “space cadet” (as they call the fans of StarTalk Radio), so the career paths of Astrophysicist and Astronomer appeal to my interests a LOT. However, I very much enjoy what I’ve learned so far about rocket science and how shuttles are  launched into space. I may have a little crush on Aerospace Engineering, however I don’t believe that I have the talent for building things at this moment.

animefacepalm006I could be wrong, as I once believed that I didn’t “…Have the mind to understand rocket science, because that subject is for geniuses, and my IQ score is average!” – Dani, 2009.  

Yeah… a lot of what I believed (and limited myself to) were lies and of really bad self-esteem. I can and do understand rocket science. I am working on my self-esteem in therapy so, in other words, maybe I’ll become an Aerospace Engineer someday! Anything is possible! ^_^v

For me, writing has always been a doorway into different worlds, that was as limited as my imagination would allow it to be. And I think this is why I can’t seem to stop going on about this long term goal of mine, because studying science has the same experience. Science is only as limited as my imagination will allow it to be, the possibilities of discovery are infinite.

Of course, because of my academic pursuits, this means I must have my priorities in check. My writing will have to take a huge backseat for a while, meaning less blogging, dropping my RPG Maker project completely, and less time working on novels. This is my little nudge towards my readers. don’t worry if you see less of my blog posts, I will try not to be silent for many months at a time.

I do plan to keep my habit of Youtube viewing/retweeting, because the videos often give me a nice break in between studying and there’s no effort to clicking the share button. So don’t worry, veteran or newbie Youtubers, I’m still a fan and following your channels!

And I’m sorry to my pals who are heavy into this season of TV shows, as I’ve decided to drop TV for a while, in order to focus and spend time on my academics. It literally came down to a choice of cutting TV or Youtube, and Youtube won out. I’m sure that I’ll be able to catch up with the shows later in the future. What I’m doing now is much more important to me,  so do have fun with those shows without my input, I don’t mind! ^_^v

And I can’t end this post without a little song link. I think you know what the song choice is going to be… Yes, Willy Wonka’s: Pure Imagination.  I’m sometimes predictable, what can I say? Thanks for reading, as always!



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