Celebrate Your Gift!

Picture: Night-Stars-Anime-Girl.My mind has been on a long journey through space and time, this past month. I’m completely in love with physics! The things I’ve learned have widen my perception about life on this planet and the perception of time in new profound ways that I’ve never could imagine before! ^_^v

However, for a week now I’ve fallen into binge writing, armed with new ideas and concepts. It always comes back to writing for me, no matter how much I try other paths in life or try to put it down as a childish whimsy.

I can easily spend nine hours in front of a screen, every day, and let my imagination play out in paragraphs. I write very interesting and quirky characters, based on the people I know or have met within my life, with story plots that sometimes lead to a great punchline at the end.

I can (and often do) write a lucid 90.000 word manuscripts, with ease. That’s around 250 or more pages, to put it in perspective, The writing and my personal editing/rewrites are done within a span of four or five months in total. Whether my scripts are any good or not, it depends on the audience’s view or critics that come across my little humble writings.  To be honest, I haven’t any critics yet and a handful of appreciation for some of my manuscripts or blog posts. I’m a very hidden kind of writer, it seems.

Picture: anime writing writing.The thing is, I see myself honestly as a “hack writer”, because I don’t have the motivation to write for a specific audience or to cater to a specific crowd. Genres be dammed, as I feel too claustrophobic if I can’t skip around (or “free-style”) within a story to reflect a combination of themes. I write for story sake, because I feel like sharing some weird thought or personal tale, in my usual style of mindless ramblings and long winded grandiose speeches that are spoken by my characters. This is my true writing style, so most likely I’ll never be famous or remembered in the literature world, nor do I find myself aiming for such.

I like to tell stories, in my own honest way, and that is all.

However, being a storyteller doesn’t pay very well. It means that I can’t afford my eye surgery. Or to buy a home for myself and my elderly mother, so that I may care for her in Minnesota. I can’t afford my much needed dental work or any other medical bills that may show up for me in the future

Even so, I’m find myself wanting to juggle my writing and learning science as much as possible, to take this journey as far as I can. When you have a passion for something, it’s not wise to let it go, even if the odds are against you!

I realized that I shouldn’t take my talent of writing for granted. Sure, I may not be a popular writer someday, but I can do something that a lot of people cannot, that others struggle to do on their own. I realize this fact, every time I wow people with the numerical amount of manuscripts, short stories, and personal blog posts I’ve scribbled over the many decades.

If I was asked to write an entire novel about a tree, I could meet that request and I’ll have the manuscript sitting on a publisher’s desk in a few months! I promise that it will be well entertaining and a publisher will enjoy my scribbles, even if they ultimately decide not to publish it for marketing reasons. However, for most others this is a crazy hard request to pull off, no matter if they’re a hack writer or a seasoned professional.

Picture animeg lotushugs.I believe that everyone has a talent for something in life, even if that something  doesn’t pay the bills or will not be noted in history, it is worthy! Your talent is extraordinary, no matter what it is, as not many others possess it! It is your gift to keep or to share with others. What you decide to do with your gift is purely up to you.

I don’t care if a person decides to attribute their gift to a god, or many gods, to happenstance, to the universe or cosmos, to their own genius, or whatnot. You may attribute your gift to anything that you want to, as long as you take the time to acknowledge that your talent does exist, that it is special, and that it is unique to who you are as a person. It’s your gift, so work it! ^o^/

And don’t let anyone tell you that your gift is never good enough., not even yourself. Appreciate and celebrate your gift, because there’s always going to be someone else who will admire and will become inspired by it. Please trust me on that one.

Okay, now I will end this post with a pretty song for the day: Orbital – Halcyon On and On. As always, thanks for reading! ^_^v



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