Suburban Rhapsody!

Picture: headphones vocaloid hatsune miku.I hesitate to write about my love for my new hometown in Minnesota, because it’s so very awesome and I fear selling it too much. It’s my little hidden haven on earth, a completely opposite experience of where I grew up in Philadelphia, and I hope it will stay that way for many decades to come. I have the Minnesota pride, don’t you know! ^o^v

When I first announced that I would be moving to Minnesota, almost two years ago, the response of everyone was, “Why? Who the hell moves to Minnesota!?”. And this was proceeded by “What’s there to do in Minnesota?”. I guess the questions aren’t too odd being that Minnesota doesn’t get the PR like New York, Philadelphia, California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and so on.

I moved to Minnesota because the crime rate of Philadelphia was just too much for me to bare. I was forced to live with and among various dangerous criminals and drug addicts. After my nephew was murdered in 2012, I was at my breaking point and I had to leave that place, otherwise I wouldn’t continue to survive for very long. My sister is in Minnesota and offered me a place to stay with her, as no one else offered at all.

I enjoyed my flights to Minnesota and it was my first time traveling by air. I left the airport with my little wheel suitcase that’s covered in hippie peace signs and stepped into a totally different world. I felt overwhelmed by the culture shock, lost and terribly anxious! It took me a few months to adjust to the new environment.

Picture: Anime-girl-winter-msyugioh.My first experience of a Minnesota winter was that of complete shock and exclamation, “How do people live here!?”. It was my first time experiencing 1 Fahrenheit degree temperature, no that’s not a typo! My face was stuck in an expression of a smacked baby and I moved like a wooden plank, trying to reach the nearest warm building in order to not, well, die! o_o

Oddly enough, everyone else around me saw the weather as no big deal. They moved normally among the huge banks of snow and didn’t seem to be too much in a rush to seek shelter from the frigid temperatures. I would later understand why 1F was not a big deal to them and why it’s actually considered a “mild winter temperature”.

The average winter in my town is minus thirty-five Fahrenheit and it’s much colder in other parts of Minnesota. 1F is very kind in comparison. A “warm day” is forty degrees and it carries a bit of sun, so you may see a lot of pale Minnesotans sunbathing on their front decks during the start of spring, where as I’m still wearing my hoodie to keep warm in any temperature sixty or below.

Rarely does the summer weather reach the high of seventy to ninety, and during that time many Minnesotans are screaming, “Oh, my god! The world is on fire! What’s going on!?”. In Philadelphia, it’s common for summer to reach past one-hundred Fahrenheit with high humidity on top of that, meaning that the city feels like a sauna no matter where you turn to hide. I enjoy the summers of Minnesota very much, because they are so mild and comfortable! The winters are…. they are brutal. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to them. ;^_^>

Besides the weather, I live in a beautiful suburban town, which I will not name for the sake of privacy. There are many throughout Minnesota and I’ve visited a few others. Everyone I’ve come across in Minnesota seem very polite, kind, sometimes a little shy, but friendly. Most have the Minnesotan accent, which is close to the Canadian accent, and that’s not a surprise as the state is pretty close to the Canadian border.

The Mississippi River runs through the state and this land is covered in over 12,000 lakes. Minnesota is rich with woodlands and wildlife as well. Fishing and boating is a common pastime here, along with hunting, so it’s not uncommon that people carry legal firearms in this town. Ammo is sold openly in WalMart and any other stores. And yet the gun crime rate in Minnesota doesn’t come close to what can be found every day on the streets of Philadelphia. Interesting. o_O

Picture: bunny in yard.As for the wild life, my small town is covered with bunnies! Yes, cute fuzzy rabbits often hop the well manicured lawns and roam the parking lots of various establishments. The photo on the left is one of a cute bun-bun on my lawn. There are chipmunks, tiny frogs, and further north there are moose wandering about.

However, it’s not uncommon to see coyotes wandering the neighborhoods in my small suburban town as well! O_O

Well, for the most part the coyotes do not bother you, if you don’t bother them. Or so, that’s what the local law enforcement has assured everyone. As a close relative to wolves, these animals had their cubs in the woods and decided to come into town to seek more food. It is warned that all small pets shouldn’t be left to wander, because the coyotes will cart them off as meals.

I’m happy that my pets are indoor types., but I think it’s safe to say that you won’t find me taking a nighttime stroll anytime soon. ^_^

The biggest attraction in Minnesota is the Mall Of America, which has over four hundred stores and a roller coaster. You could ignore using a map to navigate this massive palace of consumerism, but I don’t recommend it, as you’ll find yourself lost within that place for days! Or so I’ve heard, as this is a place for people who love to shop. I haven’t had the interest to visit the mall, I prefer online shopping, if I can help it.

Another reason that people flock to Minnesota is The University Of Minnesota, attended by people all over this country and the world for its excellent world-class degrees and career opportunities. In my honest opinion. their science campus is beyond top-notch, and it’s THE place to enroll for anyone in or around Minnesota wishing to get into a STEM field successfully.

Picture: animehugs.Another benefit to living in Minnesota is that many take to heart the state motto of “Minnesota nice.”. It is a very progressive state, especially towards the LGBT community, as no one really cares about who anyone loves and same sex marriage is legal.

I guess when people live in harsh weather elements, have to coexist with nature, and only get to enjoy a short season of sunny weather (winter starts during October, by the way!), it’s easy for most to have their priorities in order and not fall apart over arbitrary differences like sexual orientation. That’s not to say there are no bad apples in the conservative-political arena, but they’re few and far in between, unlike in Philadelphia.

For the most part, a person can live their life in peace within my town, no matter who they are. The only worry is a coyote wandering through one’s yard. =p

I enjoy my life in Minnesota so very much, more than I had ever experienced in my thirty-two years in Philadelphia. I wish to stay in my nice suburban Minnesotan town for many decades to come! Its friendly bunch of folks, who enjoys barbecue cookouts on the summer decks or a small party on a boat in the lake, is a perfect environment for me to write in. It’s a perfect place for me to heal, grow, and learn as well.

As always, thanks for reading. ^_^v



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