I’m Not A Hipster, I’m Just Old!

Picture: howls moving castle sophie.In a few months, I will reach my thirty-fifth birthday, I am getting old. And I blindly ignore the “pfft!” remarks from those much older than me, I am very aware that I’m a lot younger in comparison to someone in their fifties or late sixties, However, I can’t ignore how the tides have changed against me.

Someone in their twenties accused me of being a… hipster! O_O
For those unaware of this term, the stereotype is that a hipster is someone who prefer classic or vintage items (be it movies, music, or clothing), usually items from a time period way before said person were ever born. OR the second definition of a hipster is someone who likes the more obscure and less “mainstream” media, like crappy underground bands that sound god awful.

I was given this accusation of being a hipster, as I was quite enthusiastic in my conversation about 80’s music, culture, and my favorite movies of this time period. However, the accuser was mistaken, as she didn’t realize that I was in fact in my mid-thirties and my enthusiasm was honestly a slip into childhood nostalgia.  Oops.

After her realization that she was communicating with an “old fart”, she proceeded to chat nonstop about the 80’s with me, more in a huge awe of, “Is it true that the internet didn’t exist back then? Wow… how did you live in that era?”

I think I horrified her enough with tales of my primitive lifestyle before the interwebs, “Google nor Wikipedia was created in my childhood! Oooh! People had to do research by ancient tomes called Encyclopedia Britannica. Spooooky!”  I had fun. ^_^

Picture: chihayafuru shocked.My fun was short lived, as a panicked realization hit me, that everything I hold relevant to my childhood and early adult years is now classified as “vintage” or “oldies”. When did that happen!? Eep!

For example, while riding around in the car with my sister and roommate, I felt tortured by the endless mind-numbing pop music of today’s youth. Yes, I’ve become that kind of grumbling old woman, “Damn kids, they call this music?! That’s not music!”

My young roommate decided to shift the station and landed on U2’s: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it enough times yet, so I’ll mentioned it again… U2 is my most favorite band in the entire universe! So, I bit my lip as the roommate went to change the station and my sister protested, “No, keep it there. This song is cool.” Whew…

So, I enjoyed my few minutes of escape from “I’m bringing bootay back!” and “Shake it off! Shake it off!”. However, immediately when the song was done, the roommate switched it back to the usual mind-numbing hell and added, “That’s enough oldies for now.” Oldies? OLDIES!?  I just… I don’t… what? TnT

It’s very weird and trippy, as it seems like it was yesterday that I crinkled my nose towards the music choices of my mother and snorted defiantly, “That’s oldies!” I’m often horrified when I see my favorite childhood artists or actors again in 2015 articles and they’ve aged terribly. I was horrified two months ago, when I saw  gray haired photo of Jon Bon Jovi!

Picture: Trigun-Meryl-Denial.I was confused and argued to myself, “That can’t be! He looked so young in his video, just a few years ago: It’s My Life.” Then it dawned on me quickly that the song and video was released in 2000, I was singing along to this song fifteen years ago. I watched the premiere of the video at the age of twenty. D’oh! Of course, Bon Jovi has aged. The only music artist that seems to defy the logic of time is Prince… for now. o_O

It’s weird, but time doesn’t seem to stand still for anyone, does it? I find myself doing the exact same thing as I use to make fun of the “old people” for doing, using that raspy mocking voice as I recite, “When I was young, we didn’t have shoes and had to walk forty miles barefooted in the snow!”

And now, I find myself muttering in earnest the very thing that I once mocked, albeit it’s a different complaint. “When I was young, computers only went up to 64MB of RAM and a 2GB harddrive! And smart-phones weren’t invented at that time!”

I guess, it’s inevitable that we’ll all grow old someday and what is relevant to us now will not be so for the younger generation. They’ll snort, rolled their eyes, call us old fogeys, and the cycle will continue.  One day they will grow older and face the same situation, as some younger kid will smirk at their favorite childhood memories and old technologies.

Picture: lain.The question will become, “Is it true that your generation relied on primitive technologies like smart-phones and apps? How did you ever live in that era, without interface brain-chips!?” o_O

It’s so very beautiful and poetic, I think, in spite of it being a little freaky that my childhood nostalgia is now considered as “vintage” by younger people.

I want to to claim that I’ve gained some maturity and deeper understanding of my own mortality, finding a deeper appreciation for my role as a human being on this planet. But… FARTS! Nope, I’m still a goofy goober yet. ^o^/

And I can’t end this post yet, without linking one of my many favorite 80’s pop songs, that I loved as a child. There were so many to choose from, but I will settle on this one by Jefferson Starship: Sara.

When I was a child, my mother told me that this song and video was written about me (as my middle name is Sara), and I believed her. It became one of my favorites, because I was so appreciative of the artist writing a song for me. Then I grew up and learned that adults like to lie to little children! It’s still a favorite, regardless.

As always, thanks for reading my madness. ^_^v



2 thoughts on “I’m Not A Hipster, I’m Just Old!”

  1. I realised that i was old when i heard some kids in their 20s discussing a themed party – the olden days. Apparently they were struggling to find old fashioned clothes from the 80s!

  2. Wow! When I think of old fashioned clothes, I think of the 70’s and 60’s. Oh my, the tables have turned! lol.

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