Update: Eyes And Manga Writing!

Picture: Manga Hana.First great update: I now have enough money for surgery on one of my eyes! Whoo-hoo! So, I’m waiting for that referral to the Mayo Clinic and some time this autumn I should be able to see very well with one eye once again. I’m excited! ^o^v

For my second update: In my early twenties, I had wished to move to Japan and become a “Mangaka”, a cartoonist for Japanese comic books called “manga”. I had bought art manuals to learn the style of manga, and began my quest to learning Japanese.

However it became painfully clear to me after some months that my drawing skills are that of a ten year old, to be kind about it. The dream faded after a year, yet I had kept my anime and manga writing style.

A few months ago, I realized that technology is in a wild new era, where a lack of skill can be borrowed with a program mimicking the task, for almost everything in life. For example, anyone can become a hit music star with auto-tune, no real singing talent is needed anymore! …Not sure if that’s a good thing, but, oh well…

So, I had wondered if there was a program that could draw manga for me and of course there is! ^_^

Picture: Manga Hana2.On Steam, I found a program called “Manga Maker Comipo” and I’ve been hooked on creating my own manga ever since my purchase in August. Recently, I’ve just finished the 20th issue of my own manga and I’ve decided to create a separate blog for it. Why not? You may check out here: Lonely Hunter
There are four issues posted  and I will upload a new issue every week!

Don’t worry, I will still blog from time to time, like always. After all, this blog is my dumping grounds for my personal thoughts and journeys. I just wanted to share a bit of my demented mind, in the form of a manga, is all. Please enjoy! ^_^

Picture: Manga Hana3.And relating to my eye condition, I’ve decided to post my manga in huge print (the way I have it set on my screen), so those who may be suffering with vision issues can have the opportunity to enjoy reading this comic style as well. I use to enjoy manga a long time ago, but had to quit it because the print size is so very small and I was no longer able to read it. Even if my eyesight is saved someday soon, I think I’ll always be self-aware of making sure that my writing materials are accessible for the visually impaired.

Well, I know this post is a short one, so I’ll leave you with a very cool song… and one that is perfect for my current writing exploration this autumn: Pixies – Where Is My Mind.

By the way, every image on this post was created by me, via the Comipo program. The character is my mangaka alter-ego for the new blog, her name is Hana.

As always, thanks for reading! ^o^v



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