Hello, World… I Am Dani!

Picture: Anime girl with glasses.Hey there, readers! This is my funny attempt to introduce myself to the world, just for the sake of it. (And… I wish to update my intro link on my Twitter account, so…) ;^_^>

Hello, world. My name is Dani. I’m currently age 35, at the time of this post, and I’m a serial blogger. I began blogging at age 25, but I didn’t find WordPress until age 28 and I have been blogging on this site ever since. I have many blogs besides this one… many are abandoned, but still here.

I created this particular blog (A Quest For Happiness) in order to cheer myself up, after my diagnosis of Keratoconus in 2014, It’s a rare eye disease that will render me blind someday, unless it’s treated with surgeries that can halt the progression for a while or until a permanent cure is discovered.

However, as of 2015, I am hopeful about a surgery called “Intacts Corneal Implants” that may correct my vision issues and afford me more time to serial blog. I have an appointment to the Mayo Clinic at the end of December 2015! Whoo-hoo! ^O^

Although, my eye troubles aren’t who I am, so I should just get on with it and stop stalling. =p

There is a line in a song, by the band U2, that goes: “I’m more than you know. I’m more than you see here…” (Invisible), which seems to describe me pretty well, so I’ll start there.

Picture: Anime Girl with Guitar.I’m a long time fan-girl of U2, since age 15 (autumn of ’96, a few months away from my 16th birthday).  I love music of many genres, but I can’t stand country music… The odd thing is, I love country folks and the accent. I don’t know why I cringe and want to escape the room whenever I hear a country song…  Excluding Johnny Cash, he’s cool, I don’t mind his songs! However, my mother was a Dolly Parton fan and that was hell for me, whenever she would play Dolly’s music. x_x

I love writing and science! I spend most of my time either writing (blogs, manga, or novels) or learning much science. I’m in LOVE with quantum and particle physics the most! However, I appreciate anything science related.

I love comedy! I love to make others laugh and I love to laugh as well. I love cats, anime, video games, art, photography, autumn, rainstorms, and hiding under warm blankets during cold winter mornings. Coffee is life and chocolate too!

I love using emotes in my emails and blogging, especially the Japanese emoticons, because they’re more expressive. In spite of the fact that I often leave out the brackets, for laziness sake. I have been using emotes in online communication since age 15. I had first learned them on AOL, and I have no real reason to stop using them now. (^o^)/

I enjoy the stories of others who wander across my path in life. To be honest, I have only met one “boring” person in my entire lifespan thus far (a very LONG time ago, he shall not be named!). For the most part, I find that everyone is interesting in their own way.

I’m a nerd, mixed with a pinch of geek, yet I have often fallen in with the “Cool Kids” more than a few times. I have no idea how that happened and it remains a mystery to me. o_O

Picture: Radical Ed.Anyway,  I am socially awkward (a huge understatement!), to a fault. I’m honest and very blunt. I see the world in a very unusual way, my mind is often muddled with many things at once or obsessively focused on one particular subject or person. And that sometimes drives those closest to me nuts. Sorry, guys…

I feel sad sometimes. I feel lonely. I feel lost, angry, and hurt. I struggle like any other person on this planet. I am human. I make mistakes, say or do the wrong things, but then I try my best to learn from it. I fall down, but I get back up again.  Sometimes I stand up alone and sometimes I get back up with help.

I love life more times than I curse it. It’s not perfect, but then again, what is? I make the best of what is given to me and I improvise for what is missing. In other words, I use every part of the buffalo, and leave nothing to waste.

Hello, world… I am Dani. It’s very nice to meet you. And thanks for reading my blog. ^_^v

And… I’m going to be a brat and leave this earworm for you: Hello. Click it… I dare you! I triple dare you! Are you scared? Muhahahahahs! ^w^



Fighting Blindness!

Picture: Anime girl warrior.I want to be clear, I do not wish for pity nor is this a post about self-pity, but one of hope and determination! I wish to share something really cool for those who may be suffering from visual impairment at this moment.

To start off, recently I have been experiencing a painful change with my vision. It’s becoming increasingly hard for me to read and write, in spite of the fact that I have my web fonts set on a large setting. The issue is, although my browser is set to large fonts, parts of certain websites and blogs will not adhere to such settings.

For a while now, I’ve been unable to read certain blogs of others I follow, because the font is just too small and impossible for my eyes. I’ve been unable to enjoy YouTube comments nor the comments on other sites.

And even though my blog editor does adhere to the font changes, my actual posts are beyond my reading most of the time. Not only that, I am unable to see the ruled lines on my notebook paper and taking science notes has been difficult, to say the least.

Picture: tamayura.So, for a few weeks I have felt a little depressed about it. However, the good news is that I do have a Mayo Clinic appointment for the end of December! I got a letter from them, some weeks ago, and I felt so very nervous as my sister read it for me.

I was so use to letters being rejection ones and I feared that the Mayo Clinic was notifying me with the standard, “Thank you for submitting your eyes for review. However, we’re sorry to inform that your eyes are not marketable at this time…”

I know, that’s silly to worry about, but it didn’t stop me from hunching my shoulders in anxiety and ask my sister timidly, “What does it say?” Of course I “got in” and I began to cheer over the good news! I made it into Hogwarts! I’m a Wizard, Harry! ^_^v

My therapist made the remark that perhaps my Christmas gift this year will be the gift of sight, That’s a wonderful thought, as it would be the best gift on the planet and the best Christmas for me!

Even though I have an abundance of hope now, I still felt a lot bummed about my lack of reading ability online lately. However, it’s just like me to be stubborn and search for another solution…

Picture: Sebastian Michalis.As I type this, I’m hearing a robotic UK male voice, reading back what I’ve typed. He reads my blogs for me and any website I wish him to, by the click of a mouse.

I found this reading program, for the visually impaired,  free for the browser Google Chrome, it’s called: ChromeVox. It’s not perfect, but it allows me to enjoy websites again. I wanted to share this link for those who may really need it or for the curious.

There are a list of voices to choose from, but I personally chose the “UK English Male”, because I am sure that I won’t become bored or annoyed with his voice too soon. I’m considering giving him a name, for silliness sake. Hmm… Maybe I’ll call him Rupert! I don’t know why I like that name so much. =p

Actually, now that I’ve spent Sunday testing out the program on my blog, the blogs I follow, YouTube comments, and any other site I could think of, I feel a lot better again. I feel less isolated from the web now.

I am constantly fighting my eye disease and I’m not making it easy for it to bring me down. It’s a crappy situation, but I shall persevere. It’s just the sort of person I am, is all.

On Thursday, I will celebrate my 35th birthday… whew. I’m getting old. Anyway, I look forward to celebrating another year of life, with my family. I may be silent on this particular blog for a short while, but don’t worry, I’ll be back!

In the meanwhile, here’s a song-hug for my dear readers: Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World.

Thanks for reading, as always! ^_^v