10 Best U2 Songs For You!

Picture: The band U2.I wanted to share a special post, as an early holiday gift for my readers, so I decided on this idea! I’ve been  “fan-girling” over the band U2, probably long before such a term was created. I feel SO old… u_u

Anyway, I own 14 albums of the band and I love 93 of their songs in total so far. I know the lyrics of all 93 songs by heart, because that’s how much I love them. Which means, making a list of only ten songs was both a lot of fun and really HARD at the same time!

I hope that my picks will be helpful to any curious generation that have never heard these songs or can only recall that one song they’ve heard before in high-school.

The following songs are linked from the official U2 YouTube channel: U2VEVO. Do check it out to find more videos that I may not have included in this list. ^_^v

Picture: U2 The Joshua Tree#10 – With Or Without You.
This is one of many beautiful love ballads! I once shared this one with a curious friend and he exclaimed, “What am I listening to!? This is the best thing I ever heard!”. And I replied, “Yes, dude, keep listening… it becomes more magical with every progressing note!”.

#9 – Love Is Blindness.
And heartbreak… This a beautifully haunting song by The Edge, lead guitarist of the band, a song written during his divorce. It’s very well done and one of my favorites.

#8 – Magnificent.
With Bono’s haunting call and Larry’s strong steady beat, this song is one that I can’t help but to sing along with!

#7 – Ultra Violet Light.
I love the original (non-live version), but I have to admit that the energy within this live act is so much fun! This is what an U2 concert is all about. Great song!

#6 – Walk On.
A very encouraging song indeed! It’s one of a few that I listen to, whenever I need a bit of encouragement in my life. If you ever start to doubt yourself, this is the perfect song to listen to, I believe.

Picture: u2 how to dismantle an atomic bomb.#5 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.
Another love ballad! I can’t stop myself for belting out the notes along with Bono, no matter how many times I’ve listened to this song. My favorite line of this song is, “A house doesn’t make a home!”. Whoo! Yeah, preach it, brother!

#4 – Ordinary Love.
A song tribute to Nelson Mandela! This song is so very soulful, I wind up dancing to it, in spite of myself. The lyrics are beyond philosophical and warms my heart.

#3 – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.
I love the animation of this music video. My favorite line of the song is “It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain, as you start out the climb”. I can completely relate to that statement and it is helpful to remind myself to take my time in life. I’ll reach the top someday, I’m sure of it!

#2 – Invisible (Live Version).
This is one of the great songs from U2’s new albums, “Songs Of Innocence”. I often sing and hum this one to myself on a daily basis. One of my favorite lines, out of many within this song, is “There is no them, there’s only us!”.

Picture: U2 Beautiful Day.Honorable Mentions: These are just a few of my most favorites, although they weren’t included on the official channel, and that’s the only reason why they didn’t wind up on this list – They are: “40”, The Fly, Zoo Station, Electrical Storm, New Years Day, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight. Do look up these songs on your own, they’re brilliant!

#1 – Where The Streets Have No Name.
One of the classics, and the song I use to sing a lot, as a teen. I love this video a lot, so much energy and passion within it! ^o^

There are SO many songs I would like to include in this list. If I could, I would list all 93 of my favorites, but that would take days for me to write and for you to read! LOLz! I do hope that the VEVO channel will upload more videos in the future, for new fans who may be wandering through.

Of course, I will spoil my readers with a bonus video! My best friend sent me this one, Happy Birthday 2U, a cover of Stevie Wonder’s song performed by Bono and The Edge! It was a good find and I completely enjoyed the video very much.

Thanks for reading, as usual! And Happy Holidays, everyone! ^_^v


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