My Daily Life v.2!

Picture: Anime girl writingI’ve written a post like this before, a long time ago, but I’m in the mood to share an updated version about my daily life. I’m inspired to share, because I’ve noticed how easy it is for everyone to forget that behind every comment, post, and article there is a real human being behind the content shared online. It’s not just a faceless algorithm, but people, Soylent Green! I’m very much human. ^_^

My typical day starts off with stumbling out of bed (at midnight – five a.m.) and down the hall to the bathroom. Don’t worry, I’m not sick or anything, it just takes a while for my limbs and brain to fully wake up. I then return back to my room, set up my laptop, log into my email account, and reply to any emails I’ve gotten from acquaintances overnight. Next, I check out the “Japanese Word Of The Day”, still hanging onto the quest of learning the language. “Ki” means “tree” in Japanese. Are you impressed yet? ^w^

I enjoy a video from Good Mythical Morning, while eating breakfast. And, because I’m drinking less coffee these days, I watch a video from Jacksepticeye to give me that extra pep in my step. Caution: Be sure that your volume is not way up for Jack’s videos… it will result in an ear bleed! I’ve forgotten to turn down my volume before, mistakes were made!!!

After that, I choose one of my music playlists and spend three hours writing a manuscript of some sort, take a break to watch another YouTube video, write my manuscript for another couple of hours, take a break to do chores (laundry or whatnot), write my manuscript for more hours, take a break for a meal and chatter with my sister, write my manuscript, study science and math, then sleep. This is my usual weekday.

On the weekends, I tend to either binge on some Netflix series, write and code my little attempts of a video game, write/delete drafts for my blog here, spend massive hours enjoying The Sims 4 or another video game, visit my favorite hair salon, listen to StarTalk Radio, or sleep for an insane amount of hours (up to ten hours sometimes). These activities tend to vary, it depends heavily on my mood for that weekend, but basically that’s my days to goof off and do whatever the hell I want to.

My daily schedule tends to stay the same, is interrupted when I must leave the house for post-op eye care, usual medical check-ups (I keep my flu-shot updated!), and therapy sessions every other week. I always falter when people ask me the question of “Are you doing anything fun or special today?”, because I’m not sure if they would consider my predictable life as anything fun or special at all. However, I do like my life, except for one tiny complaint….

I think I would be a bit happier, if I had close friends and a sense of community where I could belong to. In other words, a social life of some kind and a sense of “home”. I don’t mean something huge and grand, like a large group of friends, endless parties, and so on. I would like a few friends that I can connect with, maybe a love interest, and some place in this world where I could belong to.

Picture: anime girl in class.I’m currently in the process of working on that, with my therapist, as I’m highly socially awkward and lacking the skills on how to make friends or to how to socialize in general. Outside of the settings of school or work, it’s pretty challenging for someone that’s my age to do (Ech… I’m age 35… I hate admitting that!). So, I look forward to the possibility of returning back to an offline school setting someday. Please wish me luck… I’m going to need it! ;^_^>

I am grateful, however, that I’ve come as far as I have in finding my happiness in life. I live in a safe and peaceful neighborhood, in a town that I absolutely adore, have new vision in my left eye, have found new strengths within myself, and have a pretty enjoyable daily life. So, I don’t want to sound too greedy, with my wish for a social life too. However, feeling lonely all the time totally sucks rocks!

Anyhoo… here’s a song that I want to share for today: Go Solo (Niklas Ibach Remix). Thanks for reading, as always, dear readers! And I wish everyone a great week! ^o^v



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