Microblogging Musings!

Picture: Sassy anime girl.This is a very short blog post, about my decision to try “mircoblogging”. Heehee! ^o^v

I usually post within my blog sporadically, without a clear schedule or aim, with at least close to 2,000 words per post. My posts are usually focused on topics that are dominate within my mind, at any particular point in time. Or I share my personal experiences in life. However, due to time restraints, I tend to only post on the rare occasions that I can comfortably scribble out and edit an essay on a direct topic.

This is fine for me, but sometimes I have random ideas or thoughts that I wish to share and they are “too short” for a proper blog post and much too long for a Facebook status. And Twitter, with its 240 character cap… forget about it! >_>

So, I believe that I do have enough random thoughts to fill up this new category of “Musings”. This means, I may blog a bit more often, fair warning!

I guess my type of microblogging is best suited for Tumblr, however I do not care much for that site. It’s a bit too far left liberal for me, not that I think that’s a bad thing, it’s just not for me personally. I’m a strong middle-road type of gal. Twitter is an awesome site for my type of personality, however the character limit leaves me no choice but to blog elsewhere and attach the link to a tweet. Or to just post lots of links to science or political subjects that I agree with. And, of course, sharing music links! ^w^

This will be something new for me to try, to limit my rambling thoughts to no more than 400 words or less. I will still post the long essays as usual, don’t worry! I’m just adding a bit of random color to my blogging habits, is all.

Happy blogging, everyone! And thanks for reading as usual! ^_^v

Picture: space kitty.

Yay, my first 336 word post! Here’s a music link: Au5 – Atlantis.



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