What If…

Picture: The Matrix Morpheus.What if you were told that there was no heaven or afterlife? What if it was possible to chart exactly what happens to a person’s spirit or “soul” postmortem, and the data is conclusive that when a person dies, the soul simply evaporates into total nothingness? How would you feel? How would you view the world? How would you judge your fellow species? In which way would you choose to live your life?

Would you become more tolerant of others who are different in arbitrary traits (gender, sexuality, skin color, race, etc)? Would your priorities in life shift? Would the things you’ve held to be so important before will now slip away? Or would your life not change at all? Would you continue your current way of living?

I’ve asked myself these questions before and I’ve came to this conclusion: I have no idea if an afterlife exist or not, none of us do. No one has truly died and have returned from death past the point of no return (obviously), and confirmed a postmortem paradise.

However, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It is possible that an afterlife does exist, but it is very possible that it does not exist, all the same.

I tend to lean towards the belief that my life is all that I will have. When I die, I will die, and it’s more probable that there is no afterlife. And because my life is finite, it is more precious to me, I work hard to take care of it, I appreciate it more. I don’t waste my time in judging arbitrary traits of my fellow homo sapiens (humans) and I try not to waste too much time in judging the choices of others that differ from mine (ie: religion, politics, social theories, etc.). My clock is ticking and therefore I wish to make the most out of every moment that I have on this planet. As the idiom goes, “Waste not, want not.” ^_^

If there is an afterlife, I shall met it as someone who has lived her life to the fullest and have experienced a bit of paradise here on earth beforehand. And if it doesn’t exist, I’ve had my happiness and will not evaporate from this life with too many regrets.

Picture: Anime - Your Lie In April

Today’s musing was inspired by this wonderful video: Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives. Thanks for reading! ^_^v



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