The Art Of Role-Playing!

Picture: anime girl surfing web.In the nineties, I loved to join role-playing groups on “Geocities” forums! This primitive format was rife with such groups, where people could come together and role-play characters in a collective storytelling activity. It was a little like D&D (Dungeons And Dragons), except without casting of a die and a lot more free-roaming without many rules. Some groups were themed after popular shows or movies, while others were simply made up medieval worlds.

After a while of joining others’ groups, I decided to create a few of my own, which included one “Men In Black” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel” RPG. It was a very creative experience that added much to my skills of writing for opposite genders and action scenes.

In the Buffy RPG, I role-played the characters of Wesley Wyndam-Price and Angel. Other members held the role of Charles Gunn, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Spike, Lorne, Xander, etc. In these groups, gender was never an issue, people earned the roles for portraying the characters the best. For example, in my group, the role of Spike was played by a very talented woman who got his character “just right” above any other member of the group. No one questioned my roles of Wesley or Angel, as I portrayed the characters very well (because they were my fan-girl favorites, of course!).

The forum lasted for almost a month, until real-life obligations (work and school) interrupted the schedules to meet online and the group faded away. However, it was a very fun experience, well before cosplay (costume play) and solo fan-fiction writing became a more popular thing to do in these modern times.

However, I look back in memory to my old times in RPG groups and smile. Yes, it was very dorky and sometimes a little silly, but we had tons of fun together. And it was a great exercise that lead to my current style of writing today.

I’m not sure if such online groups are still around these days, but if they were, I think I would enjoy a Doctor Who RPG. I’d make for a brilliant Tenth Doctor! ^o^/

Picture: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor.
My actual chosen desktop wallpaper, btw…

Song of today: The Doctor’s Theme. Thanks for reading! ^_^v



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