The Unforseeable Unknowns

Picture: anime girl thinking.Anyone who’ve bothered to get to know me a bit, or have suffered my blogs, can pretty much guess that I’m a very contemplative type of person in general. I am no stranger to the complaint of “You think too much.” However, this is my true self and I can’t help being myself. ^w^

My thoughts are not always profound ones, in spite of my love for science and philosophy. Yes, I am aware that these subjects always seem to bump heads… I’m not sure why. In spite of that, I do have musings about mundane ordinary subjects.

For example, the other day I had wondered what was the difference between a bed comforter and a duvet. I wondered if the two were the same thing, except the other had a fancier name for it. So, I did my research and it seems that the two are the same thing. However, for a good fifteen minutes, I did ponder.

I’ve always been a very curious child, I drove my parents crazy with questions all the time. I wanted to know how everything worked, why it worked, I wanted to learn about everything in the universe. My childhood was spent taking apart clocks and mechanical toys, to figure out just how they worked. And sometimes, I was able to put them back together again. ^_-

As an adult, my thirst for knowledge continues to be just as passionate, addicting, and strong as it ever was. However, I do believe that in order for me to gain more knowledge, I must always keep a skeptical mind, to question everything, and to not be afraid to ask questions… even if its a question that may be considered as “stupid” to the rest of the world.

One of my most favorite quotes are, “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” No one person on the planet has the answers to everything. Proof is very important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something doesn’t exist without evidence. I often place thoughts into three categories: Things that are proven; Things that are yet to be proven; and Unforeseeable unknowns.

The last group are for things that I haven’t yet contemplated or know yet that I will find myself contemplating. For example, the differences between a comforter and duvet was in this category, but has now wedged itself between the categories of “things that are proven” and “things that are yet to be proven”. I have a hypothesis that the two items are basically the same thing, based on the research I’ve done so far, but I can’t be sure until I’ve bought a duvet and compared it to my blue and white striped comforter. =p

Picture: anime girl studying.

Thanks for reading my randomness! And here’s a cool song, as a reward for your patience: G.A.T.O. Must Be Respected. ^_^v


*Buy the song here: I did! ^__^


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