About TommyEdisonXP!

Picture: anime girl waving hello.Hey there, readers! ^o^

I wish to share with you one of the coolest YouTubers that I follow, named Tommy! He’s a blind movie critic and vlogger, with a very beautiful heart and a wicked sense of humor. How I came across his videos in 2015 is a long, but hopefully entertaining, story!

As you all may know, I suffer from an eye disease called Keratoconus, which greatly impairs a person’s vision. I had reached the end stages of the disease in late 2014 and I was experiencing a really tough time. I began to have more accidents of stumbling down stairways, walking into walls, and a few near misses around the stove while cooking. My world was increasingly getting smaller, as I began to not be able to read any text on my own without the help of a screen reader online, and I could no longer read tangible books or subtitles to movies.

At some point, it was suggested to me to learn braille and to train in using a white cane, in order to prevent me from harming myself on stairs or walking into walls, and so that the stove could be labeled with braille to help make cooking easier on me. However, I was a bit anxious about using a white cane, I worried that it would be too difficult to learn and I hardly knew anything about it.

So, being the YouTube brat that I am, I logged on to find a few videos explaining how to use a cane. At this point, every video was a blur to my eyes, no matter that it was set to 1080p HD, but I figured I could get the gist of the movement at least. I watched a few videos and began to feel a little better about the idea of a white cane, but it wasn’t until I came across Tommy’s video: How Blind People Use A White Cane, that I felt “Yeah… I can do this. It will be okay!” ^_^

I fell in love with his spirit and “dad jokes” right away, as he made me laugh A LOT. So, I decided to watch more of his videos, where he answered curious questions of what it’s like to be blind and I was thrilled that he did movie reviews because I LOVE movies! After an hour of browsing his channel, I subscribed and began sharing a few of his videos on my Twitter: NerdyGrlDani. I often share the coolest things on my Twitter wall, it’s just what I do. =p

After a while, I got a new follower named Ben Churchill, and I had no clue who this man was. He never seemed to leave a “like” to any of my other shared links, only the Tommy videos, which should have given me a clue… but I’m a bit slow sometimes. I figured, “Hmm, he must really like Tommy’s videos. Perhaps he’s struggling with blindness too.” And I decided to keep posting more of Tommy’s videos, so my new follower could always enjoy them too. Yes, I’m so very silly! You don’t have to leave a comment telling me as much, I’m aware! ROTFL!

It wasn’t until after my successful corneal transplant that I was able to actually read the end credits to Tommy’s videos and realized that Ben Churchill is the producer and a great friend to Tommy!

Picture: oh my god meme.

You see, I had a free screen reader that could only read closed captions to a video and not actual rolling end credits. Heehee! So, I was kind of floored that for months the producer of Tommy’s videos was following me and liking every video I posted. I immediately began to follow him in return and the given “likes” took on a slightly new meaning for me. He appreciates that I share the videos, but I appreciate him and Tommy much more for making the videos!

This is why I’m giving a little shout-out here and sharing the channel to all of my readers. ^_^

Tommy was born blind, yet he taught me that it’s possible to find happiness regardless of a tough card dealt in life. My eye issue is nowhere as tough as his situation and yet he didn’t give up or feel sorry for himself, as I was starting to do for myself. He’s been on more adventures that I have been in my entire lifetime, he’s very positive and happy within his life, he doesn’t let his blindness hold him back. It was a true inspiration to me and continues to be so.

And now I leave you with a hilarious video of his: SIGHTED PEOPLE THINK I’M DEAF?.

Thanks for reading, as always! Have a great day and good luck on your journey! ^_^v



2 thoughts on “About TommyEdisonXP!”

  1. He is an amazing guy :D thanks for sharing and talking about him. After reading your post I look on youtube at his videos and he is such an awesome guy! I’m glad you introduced Tommy to us, thank you so much! :).
    Recently he was invited to the youtube channel Fine Brothers – React Videos as a gueststar! :D Have you watched it yet?

    1. Yep! I love Tommy so much, he always makes me laugh, no matter what kind of day I’m having. ^_^
      I’m glad that I was able to introduce him to you or anyone else because he’s one of the great YouTubers out there.
      No, I wasn’t aware of him guest-starring on the React Channel! Recently, YouTube was having issues with its videos notifications, so I’ve been trying to catch up/hunt down all the videos I missed within a week. Thanks for telling me about this! I shall look it up immediately! And thanks for reading and commenting, I really do appreciate it. :o)

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