Surgery And Writer’s Block

Picture: Cowboy Bebop - Radical Edward Smile.Hey there, readers! ^_^

I know it’s been a long while since my last post, so I wanted to explain a bit about what’s happening currently in my life. Just so no one thinks that I’m dead or abandoning this blog! =p

On Friday, August 19th, I went in for surgery to remove fibroid tumors from my abdomen. Don’t worry, the tumors aren’t cancerous! Last year, these tumors were the size of a fist each, but then quickly grew a lot bigger over this year, which caused me a lot of terrible pain. It was just a smart idea to get them removed now, instead of allowing them to keep growing and suffering in unnecessary pain, until the inevitable emergency surgery to remove them anyway.

My surgeon removed several doorknobs sized tumors and one humongous tumor that was the size of a small basketball, weighing 3.3 pounds (or 1.4kg). To remove the larger tumor, a C-section type procedure was done (an incision 19 inches across my stomach) and I am still recovering from surgery, with a prescription of Percocet that I can’t wait to start weening off. I’m often “tripping balls” on this medication, as the kids would say, so I’d like nothing more to be rid of the pain meds and return back to my usual level of insanity, thank you. ^w^

So, that’s just one reason for my lack of blogging lately.

The other reason is, that I am suffering a bit of writer’s block at the moment. Not just for blogging, but I haven’t been able to continue a novel or another RPG Maker game these past few weeks. Writer’s block is nothing new to me, it does happen from time to time, and I’m not worried. I will continue to play video games, watch anime, chat with good friends, and go about my daily chores (or recovery from surgery) until something has knocked loose inside of my creative mind.

As for the fan RPG Maker game that I had created some many weeks back, for the YouTuber named Wade (aka: LordMinion777), my sister was awesome enough to signal-boost the game on her Tumblr account and Wade did notice and reblogged it. However, I wasn’t the only fan to come up with the idea of making a fan game for him that month, so Wade has promised to play every game in the order he has received them. He has finished one fan game and it’s sequel, so perhaps my game will be next? I don’t know. o_O

I’m not sure yet if I’ll write a whole new post here, linking directly to the videos of him playing my game or if I’ll simply update this post with a direct link later. To be continued…

Anyhoo, I’m just jazzed that my game was noticed at all and that the few fans who’ve played it have given me very positive reviews thus far. Yay! ^o^/

If you’re interested in checking out the game or learning more details on why I had created it, the Dropbox link and more blabber is located here: Writing Video Games: Pt 2!.

Picture: Hatsune Miku nurse.Back to the business of my health (sorry for flipping through topics like this! My mind is so muddled right now…), besides the fibroids and eye disease, I’m in pretty excellent shape! I don’t suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, nor any other health issues. The removal of the tumors is hopefully my last health issue for a very long while. And I am highly motivated to quit smoking cigarettes as well.

Even though my lungs are also very healthy, in spite of the fact that I’ve been a smoker for over fourteen years, I am aware that I’m just playing a game of Russian Roulette and it’s only a matter of time before I’m told that I have a severe lung issue or lung cancer. In my quest for happiness, my health is very much a part of that. I have managed to go from a pack a day smoker to a four cigs per day smoker, which is good, but not exactly “quit” status.

After I am done removing the last few stress-inducing people from my life, I will consider the help of a Cessation Therapist. ^_^

In the meanwhile, I’ve been experiencing a lot of happiness in my life since spring of this year, just on-going awesome events after another. I love my town and Minnesotan lifestyle to bits! And I feel very inspired and hopeful for my future. I’m taking more healthier risks, I make reasonable and obtainable goals. I’ve found achievement and success in many of the goals I’ve set thus far. So, my journey is going very well and I’m honestly content with the direction I’m heading in.

Thanks for reading, as always! And I wish you all the best in your journeys! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ^_^/


Oops! I almost forgot the song for today! Heehee! Please enjoy:  Rihanna – Sledgehammer. I was introduced to this song, at the local cinema, two weekends ago! The movie, Star Trek Beyond, is AWESOME and I do recommend it! ^_^v


6 thoughts on “Surgery And Writer’s Block”

  1. It might be a bit late to write but get well soon!(You might be finished with your recovery) It’s nice to know that you’re alright and just take it easy^^ I’m glad to hear that you went for the surgery and took care of your body. People always think that “it’s nothing” or “it will go away sooner or later” but you never know and it’s better take action before it’s too late. I hope so too that you will have it easy in your life now :D

    I’m also happy for you that LordMinion777 noticed your sister’s post and hopefully he will play it. (Gotta check later if he did play it or no :D)
    I also have writer’s block or an artblock when I work too hard :/, it sucks but it usually goes away after a few days, till then I usually practice minor stuff like hand poses or peoples expressions.

    Oh yeah smoking. Thankfully I only smoked for a few weeks and stopped cause I didn’t liked it that much. It was very easy for me but as for my friend who also used to smoke as much as you had a hard time reducing the amount he smokes but it will eventually stops one day when you really want to and discipline yourself.^^

    And thanks for sharing the song!! I heard it a while back on the radio and at the mall but never knew who sang it x_X thanks haha

    1. Aw! Thanks for the well-wishes! You’re too kind. Hugs! (>^_^)>
      As part of my quest for happiness, I’ve decided to take care of my health, and it does help A LOT!
      And I shall see a therapist to quit smoking in a few weeks!

      LordMinion777 (Wade) has not played my game yet… but, he’s kind of busy in his life right now. He recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Molly! It was so very sweet! So, it may be a while before he gets around to my game, especially as I’m not the only fan who sent him a game this summer. Heehee! But the moment he does, I shall write another post on that and keep everyone updated and linked to those videos. ^_^

      And, you’re very welcomed. I love sharing songs at the end or in the middle of my blog posts because I feel like sharing a good song with another is the same thing as sharing a hug! Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^v

      1. You’re welcome! *hugs back* You’re one of my most favourite blogger now :D. Whenever I read your posts, I feel so inspired. I also love how you write about your life and I can kind of imagine it like I’m there haha.

        I wish you luck and hopefully you’ll succeed to stop smoking^^.
        (ง’̀-‘́)ง Fighting!~

        Oh yeah! I remember now, I think he posted it on twitter or somewhere and obviously he will be quite busy now :D more than usual but I hope he will play yours. It was really fun playing it :3 maybe you can create the sequel to the game?

  2. Aw, you’re too kind! ^_^
    Yes, I saw my doctor today and got a prescription for the best nicotine gum and I will see my therapist soon for therapy backup in my fight to quit. I’m very happy in my life currently, so I’m sure that this try may be successful! Thanks for the well-wishes! I really appreciate it!

    And thanks for checking out the game! I am thinking about making a sequel someday, but right now I’m working on another game that I will share when it’s done. I don’t want to say too much but, it’s about a magical school! ^_^

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