An Unbreakable Bond

Picture: Chi the cat.This post is about my cat, Bubbles. Yes, it’s the internet so, of course, I have to share about my cat here! ^w^

I had no choice but to leave her behind in Philadelphia, three years ago, when I traveled a thousand miles away to a better life in Minnesota. It was a heartbreaking decision for me to make, as I love my cat so much! However, if I had chosen to stay with her it was more likely than not that I would have died in that place in Philly long ago. Then her fate would have rested on the local animal shelter that often euthanize animals after two weeks of non-adoption. My mother took care of her, the best that she could, in the years apart.

The entire time I was in Minnesota, I missed Bubbles like crazy, I often had dreams about her. However, it would take a while for me to settle into my new home and save enough money to transport her to me. The spring of this year, 2016, it finally happened! Bubbles have been with me in Minnesota for a few months now and she’s a very happy kitty for it. She purrs all of the time and is my shadow, never too far from me and follows me from room to room in the house.

As I’m writing this post, she’s sitting next to my laptop with a continuous pepper-mill purr. (ㅇㅅㅇ) <– “Meow!”, kitty emote.

The cat and I seem to have a very strong bond with each other, I would go as far as to claim that it’s an unbreakable one. The truth is, I had helped to birth and save her life when she first came into this world. This story is a bit gross and a little detailed, so you may skip the next paragraph! ;^_^>

Gross Bit: When kittens are born, they are encased inside a mucus sack, which the mother cat chews through and release the kitten for their first breath of life. Bubbles’ mother was uninterested in this process and left the tiny kitten to struggle for oxygen within this sack. Twenty-one year old Dani had panicked, grabbed a non-sterilized plastic fork, punctured the sack, then ripped Bubbles free for her first breaths. I repeated the process for her four siblings as well.

Not Gross Bit: Bubbles’ head was a lot misshapen, compared to her siblings, and her eyes were a lot too big for her tiny face. I doubted that she was going to survive, as I noted her “bubbly eyes”, hence the name choice for her. I tried my best to not get attached to this kitten with the strange eyes… but it was no use. Bubbles and I were best friends from that moment on.

Fast forward fourteen years later: I was nervous about seeing Bubbles again in Minnesota because we had been apart for almost three years. I had lost a considerable amount of weight than when she last saw me, my hair was different, my clothing too, and most of all I wasn’t morbidly depressed as she once knew me to be. I worried that she wouldn’t recognize me anymore, that I would be a stranger to her.

Picture: Powerpuff Girls - Bubbles with cat.I was beyond excited to see her again, of course, but I felt a little anxious too. My sister bought the carrier to my room, after a guy named Todd had transported the cat across the country to our front door (for the hefty fee of $500), and she left me and the cat in the room for a moment. I approached the carrier, opened the cage door, and cooed, “Bubbles… it’s me. Do you remember me?” She recognized me right away and instantly hopped into my lap purring wildly. It was such a relief!

I hugged her and apologized, “I’m so sorry for ever leaving you. And I’m so glad that you’re here! You’re really here!” For a week, it almost felt like an impossible dream, that it wasn’t real somehow. I was so very happy to wake up late nights with Bubbles sleeping next to me and to sleep every afternoon to find Bubbles cuddling next to me. I will NEVER leave her again! No, no, no, no!

Bubbles was given a new kitty dish, a new camo-print collar and tag, a few toy mice (one with catnip), a new litter box (which I clean every week), and a trip to the local vet to get all of her shots updated and to remove her rotten teeth. Since she is an older cat, her teeth had become so very rotten, all except for one canine which she still has. It hurts my heart that she was suffering for a few years after my absence, unable to eat her food properly, which lead to a massive weight loss. She arrived in Minnesota with a bleeding mouth, many of her teeth had broken off and was just bleeding roots, and very much underweight from her struggles to eat. The local vet in Minnesota was very sympathetic for Bubble’s situation and decided he would come into work on his day off to fix her issue, for a very fair price.

As of now, Bubbles is very well taken care of, she gained back her healthy weight, and has adjusted to her new life a bit faster and better than I did when I first moved to Minnesota.

I didn’t worry too much about her getting along with the two pups belonging to my sister and roommate, a dachshund/chihuahua mixed named Apollo and a Shih Tzu named Fierro (Fifi, for short). Bubbles have lived with small dogs before, so she cautiously observed the pups, before deciding that they were cool enough for her entourage. She enjoys running around the house with Apollo and she use to enjoy having naps next to Fifi.

Sadly, a month after Bubbles arrived, Fifi passed away from complications in his elderly years. Fifi was sick for a very long time, with an enlarged heart, but he was happy with us all the same. He enjoyed cuddling with Bubbles and vice versa. May he continue to rest in peace. Fifi, you are still missed. u_u

I do enjoy having my best friend with me again. She can be a pain in the butt sometimes, figuratively and literally… as she does enjoy sitting on my backside, as I rest across my bed and write or blog with my laptop in front of me. And sometimes she gets a little zealous and will unleash her claws. Ow, ow, ow! Stop it, Bubbles!!! >_<

However, I have no regrets and every moment I get to spend with her is priceless.

Bubbles in front of my laptop.

Today’s song is: Voia – Almost Human. Thanks for reading, as always! ^_^v



2 thoughts on “An Unbreakable Bond”

  1. Aww, that’s so cute!! :D Animals are so mysterious in a way but also interesting. I’m glad that Bubbles recognized you^^. Especially for a cat, I always hear stories that they forget about their owners and move on :/
    You have a very special bond with Bubbles! I’m so happy for you :) And now you and her are finally back together!
    Also my condolences to you.
    I think and hope that Fifi loved his time spending times with bubbles and you. Rest in Peace Fierro.

  2. I was so relieved when Bubbles remembered me and now she lives a very happy life in Minnesota! She’s sitting nearby me now, as I write this reply. Heehee! ^_^

    Thank you. Yes, Fifi was a very happy doggy, he was a good boy and a very spoiled little dog with our love for him. We loved him to bits and he’s still missed. I’m sure that he’s resting in peace still He did not die unloved and that’s a very good thing, I think.

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