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Music And The Savage Beast

Picture: anime music listening.A long while ago, I wandered onto a forum and every forum seem to have a thread for others to share music videos or clips. I love these kinds of threads, because I get to listen to cool music and share my own favorites.

However, on this particular forum, I made a comment to one of the members that I liked (her?) choices of music, mainly because it was very 80’s and upbeat songs. She commented that she liked my posts as well, because my music choices were calming.

I didn’t realize that I was sharing a lot of calming or slow tempo songs until she pointed it out. It made me smile and I felt very pleased with the realization, “Huh… I seem to have a taste for mostly calming music.” ^_^

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my dubstep, metal rock, and “glam-rock” (80’s screamo music), all the same. However, most of the time I am listening to soft celtic tunes, orchestra/opera, or indie rock albums like “Ewert And The Two Dragons”. I’m totally in love with the album “Good Man Down” and the song of that title, by the way. Here’s a link to buy the album, which I highly recommend, as every song on it is awesome: here

I think my love for calming music began in the middle of my depression, several years ago. I realized that listening to emo rock was NOT HELPING me in those dark times, the depressing lyrics were adding fuel to the flames of my situation. This is when I stumbled onto the band U2, with their inspiring and upbeat songs, and this started my trend in listening to less depressing music.

Picture: anime male violinist .Of course, even U2 and other bands can and do have songs of gloom sometimes, but the difference is that gloom is not the band’s main objective. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes, but the trouble begins when one chooses to live within that sadness and paint their entire reality in dark colors.

Or at least, this was an issue for me, when I listened for hours to depressing music while in a depressive state to begin with. So, I switched my musical experiences to calming tunes.

The kids are calling slow tempo songs, “chill” these days. I like that term, as it accurately describe the songs that are easy to listen to when one is just laying about or resting a day away. Chill music has a real affect on me, as it calms my spirit or add to my relaxed state, in a natural and non-medicated way.

I enjoy pondering life or writing while listening to a playlist of soft tempo music. It does calm the savage beast within me, the anxiety or aggravation that I may feel sometimes in life. And when I feel upset, I can make it better with a round of: Storywriter (Eureka7). Or songs like, Boom Boom Ba, I Love The Rain, Brand New Day (Ryan Star), and many others.

Music is my greatest joy in life, next to writing, it is art that doesn’t need my eyes. No matter how dim or blurry the world around me becomes, I’ll always have music. Music has been my true friend throughout my entire life, a constant companion, no matter if I’m happy, sad, angry, confused, or lost. Music is always there for me.

Picture: anime music station.A lot of times, I can relate to the notes or the lyrics of a song, and I feel connected. It’s almost spiritual. I often use music as a form or social interaction with others, meaning that I enjoy sharing it, especially with new people that I’ve met. In my view, sharing music like sharing a hug.

If a song can make someone smile or feel a bit proactive about their life, then I am happy to pass it on. And here’s another chill song for you, dear reader: Paradise – Together.

Thanks for reading and sharing a listen with me! ^_^v



Aaliyah – Try Again

tumblr_static_1ra4bld6e6684s0w88oosc44kThis a really old one that I loved as a young woman. It’s very true to my overall dating style, I’m not easily won, as I must find out of it will “be eternity or just a week”. And I pretty much know when someone is being themselves or playing a role. The latter is a real turn-off, by the way. Just be yourself and you’ll do fine. Unless your true self is a douchebag, then… well… erm… don’t be a douchebag! ;^_^>

This was a great one by Aaliyah, I hope that she is resting in peace. She is so very much missed and is still within our hearts!


Kuroshitsuji – Si Deus Me Relinquit

ciel_x_sebastian_by_tanaka_yuki-d2yhi4tThis one I had to agonize over choosing, because the entire soundtrack to the anime series named Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is beyond brilliant! This song is called “Si Deus Me Relinquit”, Latin for “If God has forsaken me”. It’s a perfect portrayal of Ciel’s story, the orphaned boy who made a deal with a demon. ^_^

Please let me know if the link no longer works, because sometimes Youtube removes anime soundtracks. I will try to replace it with another working link. If I couldn’t do that much for my readers, then what kind of butler would I be? ^w^