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On A Personal Note

Picture: Blue haired anime girl with flowers.Okay, the US elections are over and here’s my honest response to it all. Take it or leave it, the choice is yours and that’s what makes America great, I believe. ^_^v

I am a proud minority, bisexual, female American. I was born in this country, as many of the generations of my family before me. My core beliefs are that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want to and be whomever they are, as an inalienable right as a human being on this planet, no matter if I may disagree  or not. Any idea, behavior, law, whathaveyou that would seek to take away a person’s respect, freedom, and dignity I cannot and will not abide by. Period.

Therefore I will never follow any such leader of or for unjust ideas that are an affront to my core beliefs. I have never done so in my entire life and I’m not going to start to now, no matter what consequences I may have to face in my battle for my freedoms. And as an American, I am afforded that right to keep, fight for, and protect my core beliefs, as this is what makes this country great. No? We all have that right or should.

That said, I will continue my long-time goal of seeking knowledge, peace, and happiness in my life. I will continue to speak up for everyone that I care about and myself . I will continue to live my life in the way I’m truly am, without excuse or apology, without buckling to intimidation nor hateful tactics or speech.

Am I afraid? Yes, my heart is racing even as I write this. But that’s okay. Will I continue to care for people in spite of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation, as I have done so before this whole political circus came about? Of course! Will I persevere in my life and move forward? You betcha, I will. ^o^/

To everyone who’s reading this, no matter who you are or who you voted for: I love you and I hope for the very best in your life. Always! Hugs! (> ^_^ )>

For those who are afraid right now, please keep you head held high and hang in there! I totally understand how you feel, I’m right there with you. But, we’re going to be okay! And… here’s a nice song for you: Seven Lions & Echos – Cold Skin. (っ´▽`)っ♥ ❤

With much love,

– Danielle Sara Williams